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Worship Prefessional January 5, 2008

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Much like a worship confessional, a prefessional tells what’s coming up and what we’re hoping for Sunday.  I’m not going to give the songs we’ll be singing (gotta leave something to the imagination, right?) but I do want to share some things.

First, I’m really excited about Championship Sunday this week!  Last week Bro. Keith (our pastor, Keith Dickens) taught about the importance of LIFE Groups.  Several new LIFE Groups are starting this month and it’s gonna be fantastic seeing the difference they make in people’s lives.  Plugging into a LIFE Group can make a huge impact on your spiritual walk.  If you’re not already involved in one, be sure to come to church this Sunday.  You’re sure to find a LIFE Group that’s a perfect fit for you.  For more info about this Sunday’s service, see my previous post. 

By the way, the Worship and Media Team have a LIFE Group.  We meet Thursday nights at the Clarion Hotel at 5:30pm.  You don’t have to be a member of the team to join us in our LIFE Group.  Everybody is welcome! 

So anyway, this Sunday is Championship Sunday.  We’ll be wearing purple and gold.  Yes, that’s right…..LSU’s colors.  This is great if you’re an LSU fan, but I’m faced with a unique challenge.  My darling, precious, wonderful husband is not a fan of LSU.  In fact, he’s a die-hard OU Sooners fan.  So Sunday morning, in a sea of purple and gold, my husband will be sitting on the front row (right next to Bro. Keith) proudly wearing crimson and cream.  *sigh*  Dear church family, be sure to give him a big hug and tell him you love him anyway.  You might not want to remind him about OU’s loss to LSU in the National Championship a few years back.  lol

On to the Prefessional…..

I’m so super excited about worshiping with everyone this Sunday!  It’s the new year and everyone seems to be in a happy mood.  God is overwhelming our church with an outpouring of blessings and we’re all eager to pour our love back to Him.  So this Sunday we’ve got what I like to call “happy worship” coming!  Woohoo!

Musically, we’ve got great stuff happening this week.  A new member has joined our team!  Most of you already know our drummer, Josh Exe.  What you may not know is that he has an equally talented twin brother, Zack.  That’s right!  This is Zack’s first week on our team.  You’ll see him on bass guitar this Sunday.  Bryant Baum will be joining us again this week on electric guitar.  Rachel will be on acoustic guitar and Josh will, of course, be on drums.  Vocally, we’ve got Jennifer, Speedy, Mattie and myself.  Rachel and Bryant will also be joining us on vocals.

One thing I’m looking forward to is the new song we’re introducing this week.  It’s one of those exciting, happy songs that I like so much.  You know, the kind of song where you get to just praise Him to the top of your lungs?  That kind of song.  The worship team really enjoyed it during practice this week.  It’s one of those songs that you just can’t help but smile when you sing it.  Okay, enough about that.

I know I already said it, but I’m going to say it again……..I am really excited about worshiping with everyone this Sunday.  The music is happy, the message is going to be great and the fellowship is going to be SO FUN!  Y’all be sure and say hi to us during the fellowship.  I’ll be the one in purple scarfing down hot dogs.  Oh wait, that’ll be all of us!


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