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Wanna See Some Pics? January 6, 2008

Filed under: Church Life — 6kids1me @ 11:59 pm

Here are some pics from our “Championship Sunday” at Heart of Worship….

 Gee, I look like I’m in pain!

Zack and Rachel

 Tearing Down Equipment

 Hey, at least it’s not an air guitar.

 Donna the Doll…Josh & Zack’s super mom

 Robert the Ref…how cool are these shirts for the ushers?!

 One lone Sooner among all those Tigers. 

 Two of my favorite ladies EVER!

 Great food, great friends, great party!


 A whole family that just makes me smile.  🙂

Y’all, my poor husband looked so out of place today.  He insisted on wearing his OU Sooner shirt instead of LSU colors.  lol  I gotta hand it to him though…he’s a dedicated fan.  🙂


3 Responses to “Wanna See Some Pics?”

  1. kevin=) Says:

    Great pics =)

  2. Kevin Williams Says:

    The worship confessional is a great idea! I might have to do that myself! (I share your concerns about being a public speaker…scares me too). Hope all is well with you.

  3. Hi Becky,
    I got an email today from Nathan Martin and he mentioned your name. He had just gotten back from vacation and said you had come to his church and visited with them. He shared that he saw on your blog that I was one of your favorite ladies and sent me the link. How nice!!! Thank you for that. I hope you are well. I am doing fine here in the North! I have been working a lot as usual but learning to pace myself a little better than I had in the past.

    I am working for a National Best Selling author named Joan Anderson. She writes to mid life women…boy did I need to meet her! Vicki Armitage had introduced us and the rest is history. She lives in Cape Cod and it worked out that I was coming to Massachusetts…you don’t think God might have had a little to do with this do you?

    I am missing home a bit, but I am also up for the new adventure in my life. It is great to get out of the muck of Pineville!! How refreshing to see that the world is bigger than that!

    I am searching for a church here which is really hard. I went last week for the first time in a long time and stayed teary eyed the whold time. I didn’t know if I could go back but I did today and it was fine. The church is not quite what I am looking for, but it is close by and I may get to liking it more if I try it for a few more weeks. I will continue to search…I am so hungry for God. It is time to get back to what I know I need to do. I will not get involved at this time because I need the ministry done to me for now. I may sing though…something I have not done in a few years. I miss that part of my life greatly. You understand what it is like not to sing…it is like dying!

    Well, I was just thinking about you so I thought I would say hi! Tell Rodney hi and I hope you all are doing okay there in the wonderful town of Pineville!

    Love you,

    PS_Please pray for my Jacob. He left for Afghanistan on Monday. It is really hard to let your baby go to war…but I am so proud of who is he!

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