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Worship Confessional #1 January 6, 2008

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Okay, here’s goes…….Worship Confessional #1.

This week’s set list:

King of Majesty

You Are Worthy of My Praise

Come Thou Fount

Nothing But the Blood

Agnus Dei

No One Like You

Having more musicians gave us more options on what songs we could do.  We had Zack for his first week on bass guitar, Rachel on acoustic guitar, Bryant on electric guitar, Josh on drums.  They all did a FANTASTIC job!  I was just thrilled with every single part of it!  Vocally we had myself, Speedy, Jennifer, Mattie, Rachel & Bryant.  The harmonies were PERFECT and I couldn’t be more impressed with these guys.

Okay, that’s what went right.  Now here’s what went wrong….not much.  Josh dropped a drum stick, but had another one handy and jumped right back in.  It was fairly warm in the building today and sweaty hands lead to dropped drumsticks.  lol  We can’t do anything to prevent that, but Josh has a stick holder right next to him, so he is able to grab a new one.  Good foresight, Josh!

We were a little concerned before service started.  Bryant’s amp wasn’t working.  But he changed some cords around and it did start working.  ***insert sigh of relief***  We didn’t get to do a good sound check before the service due to some technical issues.  Thankfully, the sound was good.  Kevin was on the mixing board today and he did a really great job of blending everything.  Kudos to Kevin!

Cary works our MediaShout (the program that shows us the words to sing).  Cary is so cool!  I don’t think I could ever do all the stuff he does on Sunday mornings.  But he really had it together today.  The only problem we had was that one stanza of one song had the letters in black so they were difficult to read.  But everyone was so caught up worshiping that I’m not sure they even noticed.  lol  We did some really difficult songs this week (for lyrics, anyway) and Cary not only kept up with us, he anticipated every single thing.  When we strayed from the original plan (hey, the Holy Spirit stepped in, we couldn’t help but follow THAT lead), he just rolled with it and somehow managed to get all the right words up at just the right time.  That’s impressive!  Cary, you rock!!!

Now for some total transparency…..I am not a good public speaker.  You’d think that as much as I talk, I’d be an amazing public speaker.  Sadly, this is not the case.  But it is something I am working on.  In the meantime, our congregation has sweetly tolerated me saying hardly anything at all.  Well, today I spoke quite a bit.  I still sound “halting” and kind of jumbled my words together, but it was better than usual.  I open my mouth knowing what I want to say.  I just want to share my heart with everyone, but what ends up coming out of my mouth usually poorly reflects what’s in my heart.  I’m just going to keep working at it.  I am so grateful for a loving church that is willing to bear with me while I grow.

The whole service this morning was a complete joy to be a part of!  It was Championship Sunday and the whole place was decorated in LSU colors.  Almost everyone in the congregation was wearing purple & gold (even the worship team) and the ushers looked so cool in their referee shirts!  Bro. Keith’s message was so great!  It was loaded with the Word and I was so involved with listening that I was caught off-guard by the alter call.  lol  I had to snap together to get up there and sing. 

After the service, we had a super fun fellowship.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, cokes, chips, FUN!  There were so many people that I was afraid I would never get all my kids plates fixed.  But y’all, I’ve got the BEST church family on the planet!  Two people moved me up to the front of the line to fix the babies’ plates, two other people helped two of my other kids fix their plates, one person even played with my youngest so I could eat!  Gosh, I love these people!  It was so great to visit with everybody and just relax with them.  I hope we do that again sometime soon.

Okay, that’s it for today.  I hope you enjoyed my first worship confessional.  I know that transparency equals accountability and that’s what I’m aiming for.  Thank you all so much for your love and support while we grow together as a worship team.  It means so much!


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