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Happy Dance! January 11, 2008

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 5:40 pm

I’m doing the happy dance tonight!  JENNY CALLED!  Y’all remember my friend that had that very bad situation I mentioned yesterday?  Oh and she doesn’t like the name “Jenny” and told me to come up with something else.  Maybe “Jane?” 

 Anyway, she said that she thought about it and decided that even though other Christians are mean, that doesn’t mean that I am.  So she said she was sorry….as if she needed to…and asked if we could still be friends.  She asked many questions about my faith and we talked more about why it is possible to love somebody even when they are mean.  We only learn that kind of love from Jesus Christ.  The conversation went exceptionally well and I’m looking forward to talking to her again soon.  Besides, she still has my favorite green ribbon and I want it back.  🙂

Oh and I do have “Jane’s” permission to talk about this here.  She said it’s all public knowlege anyway, so why not?  I just wanted to give an update to those who might be interested.  Now I’m praying that all Christians she comes in contact with for a while will show her Christ’s love.  I really think that will make a difference.


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