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Meet Jack January 12, 2008

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 3:14 pm

Have you met my youngest son?  This is Jack.

Jack is adorable.  He’s funny…even at age 2.  He is very sweet and gives lots of hugs and kisses.  He is also the reason I’m always so tired at the end of the day.  **insert big sigh***  Jack likes to get into trouble.  Usually while I’m cleaning up one mess, he’s off making another.  Today it was the spice rack, the refrigerator, his dresser drawers, his sister’s dresser drawers, my dresser drawers, my scrapbook stuff….the list goes on and on.  For now, my mantra is “I love my son.  I love my son.  I love my son.” 

I need a vacation.

On a happy note, I’m getting really excited about church tomorrow!  Lots of fun stuff happening!  Y’all be sure to stick around for the baptism afterward.  I am so glad to see people commiting to the Lord!  After that, the leadership will be having our pictures taken for the church.  I don’t photograph well, so I’m considering hiring a stand-in.  Think I can get a way with it?  Yeah, probably not.


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