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Stupid Van January 25, 2008

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 3:12 pm

Well, I was planning to come on here and share some thoughts I’ve been having about worship.  Then I got aggrevated.    I just don’t feel right talking about a lifestyle of worship when I’ve got steam coming out of my ears.

See, I’ve got a van.  Of course I’ve got a van.  I have six kids.  I’d be unwise not to have a van.  So anyway, this stupid van has issues.  It started shaking while I was driving down the road.  Not good.  So this morning after my meeting, I had a new tire put on the van.  It’s still shaking.  Stupid van.

While leaving the meeting this morning, Cary pointed out that I’m leaking gasoline from the front end of the van.  One of the kids had mentioned that same thing last night.  That causes fires.  Not good.  Stupid van.

And then there’s the battery.  More specifically, the battery cables.  Sometimes they lose their connection and I have to “jiggle” them.  It’s a stupid problem to have, but it is a problem.  It’s a pesky and sometimes embarrasing problem.  Stupid van.

And now my van won’t start at all.  At this moment, I’m supposed to be picking up one of my kids from school.  Instead, my mother (God bless her!) is picking him up and I’m sitting here fuming mad.  Stupid van.

I haven’t even started in on the cd player that eats cd’s or the radio that I have to tune by pushing the tuning button over and over and over again, or the upholstery at the top that the kids pulled down, or the rear-view mirror that just fell off one day, or the back tail light that we’ve already replaced three times, or the heater that only works on defrost, or the air conditioner that doesn’t work at all.  Stupid van.

So I was gonna talk about something important and meaningful.  Instead, all I can think about is that I may have nowhere to go but really really really want to go somewhere just because I can’t.  Stupid van.

But the truth is, when it runs, I’m so grateful to have that stupid van.  It holds my whole family all at the same time.  It’s a pretty convenient place for lunch sometimes.  It holds all the stuff we keep forgetting to take out of it.  It carries us from one place to the next and back home again….when it runs.  Stupid van.


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