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Energized! January 29, 2008

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 8:09 am

Yesterday was Rodney’s first day to work in Alexandria.  He thinks he’s going to enjoy working here so that’s good.  I’m just really excited to have him home.  Okay, yeah, saving tons of gas money is nice too.  🙂

Last night was SO COOL!  It was his first weeknight home (other than holidays) in a year and we didn’t know how to act.  To celebrate we went out to dinner and shopping at Wal-Mart.  Yeah, I think we might be rednecks.  lol

Another cool thing about him being home at night is that I have so much more energy!  Just having him here made a difference in every aspect of our life already.  The kids really loved spending time with him and I loved that I wasn’t totally, 100% responsible for them all by myself.  Already I feel more energized.  Yay!

Rodney left this morning to go out of town for some job training.  He’ll be gone for a couple of days so we’re going to be lonesome for him.  We got a little taste of what it’ll be like to have him home and now we’re without him again.  Ah well.  At least this time it’s only for a couple of days.  Rodney, if you’re reading this, we miss you and love you!!!!


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