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Divine Appointments January 31, 2008

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Both Mattie and Speedy called me this morning to tell me about divine appointments they’ve recently had.  A divine appointment is when God places you somewhere at just the right time and you KNOW was God, but anyone else might call it happenstance.  For instance, Speedy went to talk to someone today about something church related (but not youth dept related).  The woman he ended up speaking to has been looking for a church that offered a dynamic youth program so her son could become involved and use his talents to serve the Lord.  Speedy happens to be our Youth Pastor.  Fate?  Chance?  No way.  That’s divine appointment.  God had specifically planned for that lady to be the one at the front desk.  God had purposed that Speedy (not anyone else from our church) would be the one to go take care of this business today.  It was a divine appointment.

So that got me to thinking about different situations that God has placed me in….situations where I KNEW that it was a God thing…not chance.  I bet we all have moments like that we can look back on.  What’s more, there may have been numerous other instances where we had no clue that God had placed us somewhere to accomplish a purpose we were never even aware of.

Here’s one of my recent divine appointments.  My daughter, Kyra, as a friend that she hadn’t seen in several months.  This friend called out of the blue recently and asked if Kyra could spend the night with her.  I agreed on the condition that Kyra must attend our church the following morning.  So her mother called a little later for directions to the church.  We talked about the church and about the youth department that is being built.  She started getting very excited about it and kept asking questions.  She said, “this has to be God.  We’ve been looking for a church, but we want one that has programs for the kids too.  And I love teenagers and want to work with them.”  She is now teaching a high school LIFE Group and her entire wonderful family is going to our church.  A phone call….totally out of the blue….led to a family serving God.  WOW!

So tell me, what’s your story?  Leave a comment and tell me about one instance where you KNEW that God had placed you there for a reason.  Tell me about one of your surprising divine appointments.


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