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Natural Worship February 2, 2008

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I think a lot of us get confused about worship.  We sometimes think that if the music isn’t great, then worship wasn’t that good.  But if the worship team plays our favorite song, then worship was great!  What a lot of us miss is that worship is so much more than the music.

What is worship?  It is simply telling the Lord that we love Him.  We recognize that He is WHO HE IS and we worship Him for that.  We remember all the things He’s done for us and we worship Him with grateful hearts.  We are created for that purpose.  Worship is the most natural thing we do.

Everyone has different personalities, so of course everyone worships differently.  For instance, I’m very loud and outgoing.  I also use my hands a lot when talking.  So it’s not surprising that I sing loud and raise my hands in worship.  My husband, on the other hand, is much more quiet and reserved than I am.  He can usually be found with his arms folded across his chest.  So it’s no surprise that his worship is often quiet with eyes closed and hands at his sides.  We’re both worshiping…we’re just doing it in the way that’s natural and comfortable for us.

On Sunday mornings, I look out at all the faces of the people I love and I see every worship “style” imaginable.  Some with eyes closed, some open.  Some with hands raised, some with arms crossed.  Some seated, some standing.  Some with big smiles, some not singing at all.  It’s more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen.  And when the music gets quiet and I can hear the voices….it’s awesome.  So beautiful.

One of my favorite things EVER is corporate (congregational) worship.  All of us together, in complete unity, worshiping the living God.  Knowing that He inhabits the praises of His people, we recognize that He is there among us.  WOW!!!!  He’s not looking at us wondering why some of us have our hands raised and some don’t.  He created us.  He knows us intimately.  He knows what is natural and what is forced.  He knows that we adore Him and He’s not worried about the outward appearance.  Like the song “Heart of Worship” says, He’s looking into our hearts.

Many of us wait until Sunday morning to worship.  We don’t worship outside of church.  This causes us to be uncomfortable during the music part of our service.  We might want to raise our hands, but don’t want to look fake.  Or everyone around might have their hands raised, but we don’t feel inclined to….yet we worry about what people will think if we don’t raise our hands. 

The best way to know your worship “style” is to worship in the privacy of your home.  Spend some time in the Word then turn on some worship music.  Start singing to the Lord.  Use the words of the songs to tell Him how you feel about Him.  There’s no one around watching, so do what comes naturally to you.  Laugh if you feel like laughing, cry if you feel like crying.  Raise your hands, sit on the floor, walk around the room, cross your arms over your chest, whatever.  Don’t over-think it.  Just do what comes naturally to you.  There’s no one to judge you….only the Lord to love you.  And I bet when you’re done, you’ll be so refreshed that you’ll want to do it all the time.  Try it and see if I’m wrong.  🙂  Then let your worship on Sunday morning be an extension of what you’ve been doing all along….worshiping the Lord the way He made you to worship.


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  1. aplogansr Says:

    I agree!

    To build on what you wrote above, I was impressed to write a book about worship as a lifestyle. For more information, please see

    Pastor Andy Logan
    All Nations Word and Worship Center
    Corpus Christi, TX

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