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Be Strong and Very Courageous February 5, 2008

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Bro. Keith asked some of us to read the 1st book of Joshua and tell him 3 things that we learned from it.  So I read it and two things really resonated with me.  More on that in a minute.  What’s interesting about that is this:  God was preparing my heart for a big Word from Him and He used that very book to do it.  So before you read any further, go to and look up the 1st book of Joshua.  Read it and come back to finish reading here.

Okay, did you read it?  So here’s what’s been happening.  God has been preparing me to move forward in a new direction in my life.  During this time, I’ve been struggling with fear of failure and much more.  So God had something to say about that and He said it in Joshua.  First, be obedient.  Sounds simple enough.  But sometimes obedience means taking the more difficult road when the easy one is very appealing.  So obedience requires effort.  Second, be strong and courageous.  Uh oh.  What about my fear of failure?

I asked God about that.  And in Joshua, He said it again….only louder….”I COMMAND you, be strong and very courageous.”  He said it a lot in Joshua.  But then He reminded me that courage is not the absence of fear.  Courage is doing what needs to be done IN SPITE of your fear.  And then He made me a promise.  He said “I will not forsake you.”  Oh, what a comfort!  I don’t have to be afraid because He’s right here with me and will stay here through everything.  Then He confirmed it.

It may sound silly, but He confirmed it through a movie.  After this time of talking with God, I went into the living room to tell Rodney what God was saying.  On the tv was the movie “Facing the Giants.”  Have you seen this movie?  If not RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest video store and get this movie.  Yes, it’s that good.  So anyway, in this movie the recurring theme is “nothing is impossible with God.”  I happened to walk into the living room as the main character was repeatedly saying, “Now you tell me…what is impossible with God?”  And of course, the recurring answer was “NOTHING.”  Awesome confirmation!!!!

I don’t have to be confident in my own strength.  It’s the strength of Christ that will carry me.  I don’t have to be confident in my own courage.  It’s the presence of God that gives me courage.  My job is to be obedient.  That’s it and that’s all.  Be obedient.  So I will be strong in Christ, courageous in God’s presence and I will be obedient.

Remember at the beginning of this I said that Bro. Keith had asked us to tell him THREE things that we learned from the 1st book of Joshua.  So far I’ve only told you two.  Here’s the third…..after I am obedient, after I am strong, after I am courageous, He will bless me.  He will give me the success and then He will give me the time of rest.  Whew!  I’m looking forward to the time of rest!

So what did YOU learn from the 1st book of Joshua?


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