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OPA! February 8, 2008

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This post is for anybody who lives in Central Louisiana.  If you don’t live here, then the rest won’t mean much to you.  🙂  And my disclaimer:  I am probably going to misspell half of everything in this post.  lol

Yesterday was Stephen’s 16th birthday.  He asked us to take him to this little Greek resteraunt in Alexandria.  Having never eaten Greek food before, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect.  With some trepidation, we all loaded up and headed to Alex.  The following is my review of our dining experience at “Little Greek.”

The resteraunt is located in a shopping plaza on Jackson Ext (past McDonald’s, opposite side of the road).  It’s a small place that you would never find if you weren’t already looking for it.  It was a weeknight, so parking was no problem as there were few patrons in the resteraunt at the time.

We were immediately greeted when we walked in the door.  Upon sitting down, Jack (our 2yr old) immediately laid his head on the table and fell asleep.  So they brought him a pillow.  Wasn’t that nice?!  It just got better after that.  We couldn’t pronounce half the stuff on the menu, but thankfully there were full descriptions of just about everything, so we knew what we were ordering.  Our server was super about answering our many questions.

Our appetizers arrived first and they were sooooo good!  Completely different than anything we had ever tasted before.  When you go, definitely try the hummus!!!!  They give huge portions of food too!  Rodney ordered something with veal and WOW!  That was amazing meat!  I ordered a sandwich with spiced ham and it was absolutely delicious.  Stephen got the falefeh and it was so different from anything I’d ever had before….I begged him to give me more, but he reminded me that it was his birthday, not mine.  lol

We had mentioned to our server that it was Stephen’s birthday.  While we were eating, they were making cupcakes for him!  At the end of our meal, they surprised him with cupcakes (and candles, of course).  Everybody got one and they were wonderful.  They then told us that next time we should call ahead and they would bake a cake for the birthday child.  WOW!

After we finished eating, they brought the kids over to the area with tile floors.  They handed each child a plate and had them yell, “OPA!” while crashing the plates down on the floor!!!!  Soooo much fun!  They even have bellydancers!  None were there last night, but we are definitely going back when they are there.

Oh, and I should mention that it cost the same for us to eat here as it does for us to go to Fire Mountain.

So in a nutshell:  good prices, great atmosphere, excellent service, amazing food, plate crashing fun!  We will definitely be back.  I highly recommend this resteraunt to ANYONE looking for a great place to dine.


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