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Ovartaken with Rockers & Skaters February 9, 2008

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 5:21 pm

Stephen had his skate party today.  A bunch of teenage skater boys running around like wildmen.  Fun.  They took over my computer, ate everything in sight, drank all my Diet Cokes.  Fun.  BUT they were all super nice and everybody had a good time.  FUN!

Rodney made a pitstop before coming home from work today.  He walked in the door carrying a new PlayStation3, a bag full of games and a big box with the game “Rock Band” in it.  This game is just too cool.  It came with a drum set, guitar and microphone.  If the kids take well to it, we’ll be the Adams Family Rockers.  🙂 

The PS3 is pretty cool too.  It totally replaces our DVD player.  It plays Blue Ray videos, which Rodney declares as superior to dvd’s.  I don’t see any difference, but I’ll trust his judgement on that.  It also plays regular dvd’s which is good since we own three shelves full of them.  I will say this….the graphics on the PS3 games do seem to be much better than the PS2 ones.

My furniture was delivered today!!!!  It looks fabulous in my living room!  As soon as my camera battery finishes charging, I’ll take a pic of the new furniture so I can share it with y’all.  Woohoo!


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