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That’s It….Now I’m Mad February 12, 2008

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 5:08 pm

I’m sick.  Really sick.  So are three of my babies.  Not fun.  But that’s not why I’m mad.  I’m mad because I realized today just how much grey hair is in my head.  I’m only 33!!!!  There is no reason good enough for me to have this much grey hair.  If anyone knows a good hair dye that will let me keep my natural color but REALLY cover this grey, I would appreciate your advice. 

I know where the grey came from.  It’s the kids.  They’ve been slowly driving me insane for 16 years and now it’s starting to show through my hair.  Next thing will be the nervous twitch and the talking to people who aren’t really there.

If you would, please take a minute to pray for my family today.  Stephen, Beau, Jack & myself are all sick.  The medicine is helping, but we’re still sick.  I just pulled Jack down from the top of my dresser, so he’s feeling a little better.  Beau is playing with his train set, so he’s feeling better.  I’m typing on the computer so I’m feeling better.  Stephen did his chores without me having to fuss so…..well, maybe he’s still sick.  lol  Anyway, your prayers would be much appreciated.  🙂


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