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A Mommy’s Life February 15, 2008

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 7:55 pm

Okay my toddler didn’t want to talk long, so I’m back with a quick funny for you.  After he decided he didn’t want to talk anymore, I ran to the bathroom.  Of course, he followed me in there.  This is the conversation between myself, Jack (2yrs old) & Beau (4yrs old).

Jack:  “I want in too.”

Mommy:  But I don’t want you in here.  I want to go to the potty.

Jack:  No.  You want me in.

Mommy:  So basically, I’m never going to be able to go potty without an audience.  Is that what you’re telling me?

Jack:  Yeah.

Beau (upon barging into the bathroom):  Let me in! 

Jack:  No.  I in here.

Beau:  But Mommy can’t potty without me!

Mommy:  Are you sure about that?

Beau:  Yes.  Jack, Mommy always wants me in here when she potties.  You can go now.


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