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Worship Confessional February 18, 2008

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Okay, here’s our set list for yesterday:

No One Like You

From the Inside Out

We Offer

Special Music “My Beloved”

Now I’m going to tell you how God works tiny miracles that make a big difference.  Y’all know I’ve been very very sick all week.  I’ve been coughing like crazy.  Well, coughing is sooooo bad for the vocal chords.  Logically speaking, I should not have been able to sing yesterday.  I prayed all week that the Lord would protect my vocal chords so that I could sing.  Well, He did just that!  And as soon as we stepped off the platform, my voice was gone.  I started coughing terribly and couldn’t stop.  In fact, I ended up having to leave early because I started getting dizzy from all the coughing.

But while we were up on the platform, everything went smoothly.  Bryant, Josh and Raymond all played well, the vocalists all sang well and we all worshiped together.  The media team did a great job on sound and power point.  That really helps things go smoothly.  All around, it was a good worship service. 

I think transitions would have gone much smoother if I had been able to speak.  But every time I tried to speak, I would have the urge to cough.  So I kept my mouth shut.  I could sing with no problem, but couldn’t speak.  And the one time I HAD to speak (befor ethe special music), there was no urge to cough at all.  Isn’t it wonderful the way God meets our needs?

When I got home, I went straight to bed and slept for several hours.  I awoke feeling 100% better.  I still have the cough, but the dizziness and sluggish feeling are gone.  So if I can shake the cough and congestion, I’ll have this flu beat.

I want to say a special thank you to some really sweet people.  While I was coughing like crazy, Robert Henderson, Randy Hayes, Tim Roberts & Annette Dickens all rushed to help.  I was given water, cough drops, peppermints, and kindness.  Y’all were so sweet to help and I’m really grateful.  Thank you!


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