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Cheering Myself Up February 20, 2008

Filed under: Random Stuff — 6kids1me @ 10:06 am

I just couldn’t stay in a funk yesterday.  I had to do something to cheer myself up.  And since nothing cheers me up like playing with paper, I scrapped a few pages.  Wanna see?

This first one is my Beau riding in his Diego jeep on Christmas day.  The man in the pic with him is our dear friend, Danny.

This next page is Rodney and Jack together.  I took this pic about a year ago.  I just love the way Jack seems so at ease in his Daddy’s arms.  Total trust.

This last one is my FAVORITE!  It’s my Jack, singing his heart out.  The quote really spoke to me yesterday and I hope one day it will speak to him right when he needs it to.  It says, “Some days you won’t have a song in your heart.  Sing anyway.”


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