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He Wants us to Tell March 4, 2008

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Remember when I wrote about the three things I learned from the first chapter of Joshua?  Well, I’ve been reading and re-reading chapters 2-5 and am learning a lot from them as well.  One thing that really strikes me though is the story of Rahab.  This woman was a sinner, no doubt about it.  She was a prostitute.  Yet she risked her life to save the Isrealite spies.  The whole city was terrified of the Isrealites.  They knew that the Isrealites were coming and that they would be destroyed.  But how did they know?

Well that’s the other thing that really stuck with me.  Why were the people of Jericho so afraid of the Isrealites?  Certainly not because of their mighty warrior presence.  After all, they’d been wandering in the desert for the last 40 years.  So why be afraid?  Rahab gave that answer.  She said that everybody in Jericho knew what God had done for the Isrealites as they left Egypt (remember how He parted the Red Sea?).  She said that she knew that the God of the Isrealites was the one true God and she knew that He would make the Isrealites victorious. 

This knowlege made her bold….bold enough to hide the spies, lie for them and risk her entire family to save them.  WOW!  She must have been really certain in what she believed about God.  And because of what she did, she and her entire family (parents, brothers, sisters, etc) were all saved from the destruction of Jericho.  They were removed from the city before it was destroyed and they lived with the Isrealites for the remainder of their days.  God rewarded her by saving her entire family.  WOW!

Another thing I found interesting was that God not only parted another body of water for the Isrealites to cross, but he told them to tell others.  He said for them to take stones from the river and set them up so that when future generations asked what they were for, they could be told of what He’d done for them. 

And the only way Rahab knew about God was from the stories she’d heard about the parting of the Red Sea and miracles such as that.  Yet that was enough for her to know…I mean really KNOW that He is the one true God. 

So here’s what I’m thinking…..are we telling about the seas parted in our lives?  What things has God done for you and who have you told?  Who knows about it?  Giving our testimony is simply telling our story of what God has done for us.  So who have you given your testimony to?  Who knows about the great things He has done in your life?  Only your Christian friends?  Well, that’s nice, but what about the unsaved?  Don’t they need to know too? 

Is it possible that there’s someone in your life who is like Rahab…..only knowing of God through the things she’s been told?  How will he/she know if you don’t tell them?  The Lord tells us to tell others about what He’s done for us.  So let’s do that today.  Together, you and me, let’s make sure we tell someone….ANYONE….about what God has done in our lives.  Let’s tell them about the grace and mercy found in Jesus.  Let’s tell them about the peace and unmatched love that He’s given us.  Who knows?  You just might be talking to the next Rahab.  🙂


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