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Shower Pictures March 7, 2008

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The shower went exceptionally well last night.  I think everyone had a good time.  Jen said she had a blast.  I’m so glad!!!    So y’all wanna see some pics?

Speedy brought this adorable cake.  Marion (Speedy’s wife) picked it out and I think she did a fantastic job!

Mmmmmm…..FOOD!  Everybody helped out and brought stuff, from vegetable platters to sandwiches.  We ended up with plenty to choose from.

GIFTS!  Jen really was showered with gifts.  There are more that aren’t pictured here, but I wanted to take a pic before I forgot to.  🙂

We even had menfolk at the shower.  🙂  I know it’s non-traditional, but be sure to invite men to your next shower.  They were a lot of fun!

Jen opening gifts.  I can’t tell you how many times everybody said “Awwwwww!  How cute is that?!” 

Isn’t this the cutest shirt EVER?!

The happy couple.  See, Cary?  I told you it was a great picture!

And I promised I would show a picture of my gift.  I was so excited about it.  I was only going to make baby announcements, but I kinda got carried away and ended up making more. 

Tommy’s keepsake box.  This is for all those sweet little things that we just can’t seem to part with.  My kids’ baby items are just stuffed in boxes.  I thought maybe Jen would rather have something nice to keep Tommy’s items in, so now she has this nice tin.  The other gifts were inside it.

Inside the tin were these gifts.  There’s the baby announcements and the other thing is a two year planner that I altered.  It’s handy to write all of baby’s firsts in and fits neatly inside the tin.  Everthing was then placed inside this little gift bag that I made….

In all, it was a wonderful evening.  Now we’re just waiting for Baby Tommy to arrive.  As anxious as we all are, I’m betting none of us is as anxious as Jennifer.  🙂  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


One Response to “Shower Pictures”

  1. I love the way you decorated the memory box and the gift bags were just too cute! I enjoyed your pictures! Claire

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