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Yesterday and Today March 16, 2008

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Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon with my mom.  It was wonderful!  We rarely get to spend “girl time” alone together, so we both really enjoyed it.  We first went to a Home Interiors party together at a friend of mine’s house.  It was a great party and Home Interior really has some gorgeous stuff.  It made me want to redecorate my whole house.  lol

After the party, we went to the Forest Hill Nursery Festival in Woodworth.  All of the plants were just beautiful.  Unfortunately, I have a black thumb and kill every plant I get.  So I didn’t get any new plants.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  While looking at craft booths, I spotted a little plant all alone in the middle of the walkway.  There were no plant booths around, only crafts, so I know it didn’t belong to any of them.  I’m guessing it fell out of someone’s basket.  So I asked the people that were around and no one claimed it, so I got a sweet little plant.  🙂  It’s a “verbanum.”  I’m not sure what that is or what it’ll look like, but I’m looking forward to finding out….if I can keep it alive that long.  🙂

I got so many FANTASTIC ideas from the craft booths.  I not only scrapbook, but I also make jewelry (rarely though, since it’s kind of expensive to make).  There were ideas galore in the jewelry booths.  One booth that really impressed me was woodcutting.  I don’t do anything with wood, but this woman’s artwork was GORGEOUS!  Her designs are all handcut with a scroll saw using paper thin wood.  She had many framed peices on display and I was stunned by her talent and skill.  My mom spotted one that was absolutely made for me.  In a beautiful script it says, “I will sing unto the Lord a new song.”  Isn’t that PERFECT?!?!    I had no cash on me, so I couldn’t buy one.  But I did get her business card and will call her next week.  I’m going to make a frame for it myself.  For the unframed peice, she charges only $10 (way cheaper).  I’ll post a pic of it here once I get it.

And now about today…..

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!  Heart of Worship is moving into our new building, our new home!!!!!  There were several ladies from my church family at the party yesterday and we were ALL chattering excitedly about today.  This is a very big, exciting thing for us.  To finally have a permanent home is just wonderful.  We are so incredibly grateful for what God is doing in our church and this is just the icing on the cake!  Woohoo!

So don’t forget…..9am this morning….the Truthway church building on 28E in Pineville.  Come excited and ready to worship.  See you there!


2 Responses to “Yesterday and Today”

  1. I have visited this site on many an occasion now but this post is the 1st one that I have ever commented on.

    Congratulations on such a fine article and site I have found it very helpful and informative – I only wish that there were more out there like this one.

    I never leave empty handed, sometimes I may even be a little disappointed that I may not agree with a post or reply that has been made. But hey! that is life and if every one agreed on the same thing what a boring old world we would live in.

    Keep up the good work and cheers.

  2. createdtopraise Says:

    Thanks so much, Suzanne!!! I am SO GLAD you’ve found some things here helpful. You’ve really encouraged me. THANK YOU!

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