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Chill Out March 19, 2008

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Rodney is on vacation this week.  Most of his time will be spent helping my dad put a wood ceiling in their new den.  Most of my time will be spent doing exactly what I normally do every day when Rodney is at work.  Kid stuff, church stuff, house stuff.  But today… I’m gonna chill.  Of course, I’ll love on my kids, but there will be no school today.  Of course I’ll pick up around the house, but there will be no major chores done.  Of course I’ll take phone calls and respond to emails, but there will be no intensive worship team work done today.  Today I chill.

My plan is to spend a little “me” time.  Yeah, I know it’s selfish.  I don’t care.  lol  I’m going to start out the day in the big jacuzzi tub (perfect way to start a day!) and then I’m going to scrapbook.  Maybe I’ll make a couple of pieces of jewelry.  I really want to make some cards.  Piddly stuff.

So why am I posting this here?  Because it’s a valuable part of my ministry.  No I’m not trying to be funny.  I’m very serious.  I’ve been under a bit of stress lately and need to unwind.  If I get “weary in well doing” then I cannot minister effectively.  How can I give my best to the Lord and to my congregation if I have nothing left to give?  A day spent in rest can restore my energy and I can come back refreshed and ready to give it my all again.

If I occassionally take one day every once in a while to unwind, then I won’t burn out.  However, if I go 90 to nothin’ 100% of the time, I’ll eventually run out of steam and require much longer to recover.  Remember the three weeks I was so sick?  I’m convinced that part of that was exhaustion.  Maybe if I had taken an occassional break I wouldn’t have required so long to recover. 

Have you seen this in your own life?  What steps do you take to prevent burn-out?  When it’s your day off, do you actually take the day off?  Do you find that it helps you minister more effectively?  Does it make you a better wife/husband/mother/father?  I really want to know.  See, this is my first time to consciously do this in an effort to help myself and my ministry.  I’m hopeful it will have the effect I’m thinking it will.  What has your experience been?


2 Responses to “Chill Out”

  1. Kevin G Says:

    Good for you =) If we didn’t chill out once in a while the world would go CRAZY !!!!!! But, I thank it a little to late for some of the world. I guess that’s a resone the world needs God to calm us down to tell us to chill out one in a while.

  2. createdtopraise Says:

    You know, I really wish I would have chilled out like I had planned, but it wasn’t to be that day. But I do still think it could be an important part of ministry and am DETERMINED to chill…..eventually. lol

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