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Not Your Typical Easter Sunday March 23, 2008

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OMgosh!  We were packed in there like sardines this morning.  It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!  While we’re sharing the building with Truthway Church, we’re only having one service.  That means we’re sitting pretty close to each other.  lol  But April 13th we will go to two services.  The new service times will be 9:30am and 11:00am.  The church will also look a bit different since we won’t have two sets of drums, two sets of speakers, etc etc etc.  We’ll have a lot more room then.  And also, there’s plenty of room for us to expand so that’s good.

Raymond was leading the music this morning.  Here’s who we had…..

Raymond on keys & vocals

Bryant on guitar

Josh on drums

Vocals:  Speedy, Jovan, Kathy & Becky

And here’s our set list:

This is the Day

He is the King

I Will Enter His Gates

I Love You

Amazing Grace

Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate

And now I have to go.  My family is loading up in the van and they have informed me that if I don’t hurry up, they WILL go to lunch without me.  So I’d better run.  I’ll be back later with some thoughts about this morning’s service and more.  Until then, y’all have a wonderful Easter Sunday.  Today we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! 


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