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Revelation Song…My Testimony March 25, 2008

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****Disclaimer**** I am no theologean.  I am only one person, with a million thoughts, who chooses to share my heart with others.  I understand that people will disagree or want to debate some of this.  That’s okay.  I’m only sharing my heart and hope that it will prompt someone to search the scriptures in an effort to have a more clear picture of Who Christ is.  ***end disclaimer****

“Revelation Song” is the song that people most often request that I sing.  You may not recognize it by the song title, so here are the lyrics for the chorus…..

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come.  With all creation I sing praise to the King of Kings.  You are my everything and I will adore you.”

Ah!  Now you know what I’m talking about!  lol  But now I’m going to share something with you that you didn’t know.  This is my personal testimony about the Revelation Song.  My prayer is that you will seek the answers for yourself, so that you can have a personal revelation of your own.

A couple of years ago, I began grappling with an issue that could not be ignored.  I was questioning if Jesus truly was worthy of praise.  Let me clarify that….I knew that He was the Son of God and I was so incredibly grateful for the gift of salvation that He gave me.  But was He worthy of worship?  In my heart, I felt that He was, but I needed to KNOW.  I needed to know what the Bible said.  Was I wrong to worship Him?  Was I taking away from God when worshiping His Son?

So I prayed.  I asked Him to show me just Who He is.  I wanted NO doubt to remain.  I wanted such absolute certainty that I would NEVER EVER question again.  If He were deity, I needed to KNOW it.  If He were not deity, I needed absolute knowlege of that fact.

I started searching the scriptures, beginning in the Old Testament.  Everything I found directed me to how great and awesome God is.  He is the Creator of all things.  He is the Author of the Word.  Everything kept pointing me in the direction of magnifying God.

Then I got to the New Testament.  Although I grew up reading these verses, they never affected me like they were now.  I was SHOCKED at the claims Jesus was making.  He outright said that He was the Word.  Then that would mean that He created all things.  That wasn’t the only bold claim He made, but it was one that really shocked me.  He also said that He and the Father were One.  But if they are one and I am worshiping one, then am I not also worshiping the other?  I began to get confused.

And here’s another thing that really surprised me….every time one of the disciples did something wrong, Jesus was quick to correct them.  But when they referred to Him in the same manner as the Father, He never once corrected them.  WHAT?!  Could He really be worthy of praise?  Again, in my heart I felt He was, but I needed to KNOW.  And then I was given revelation…..

In reading the book of Revelation (what an appropriate name!), Chapters 4 & 5, my life was changed forever.  There was such a clear description given of Jesus that I read this with wide eyes and total awe!  By the time I finished reading, I discovered that I was standing (I’d started out seated) with one hand holding the Bible and the other hand raised in worship.  I hadn’t even realized that I’d gotten up!  HE IS WORTHY!!!!!  It was so clear, so obvious, that I could never EVER question it again!

One of the key things that I saw was that the elders kept referring to God on the throne and …here’s the key….the Lamb (Jesus) in the midst of the throne.  WOW!  Also, the elders outright said that the Lamb was worthy of praise.  Now this is important….God does NOT share His glory with anyone….He said so.  But here He is, sharing His glory with the Lamb.  WOW!!!!  There’s tons more in there.  Please read it!  You’ll be astounded!!!

So now I had a very clear picture of His majesty and worthiness.  There could be no room left for questions.  All answers had been given.  All doubt had been removed.  From that day forward, my greatest desire has been to worship.  In all I do, I want to bring glory to Him.

After this amazing revelation, my friend Kevin Williams sent me a song to listen to.  Kevin has excellent taste in music, and the same passion for leading worship that I have, so I knew it would be a great song.  But nothing could have prepared me for the shock of hearing that song for the first time.  It was EXACTLY the same scriptures that had so clearly shown me the majesty of Christ.  WOW!!!!!!!  Someone took my personal revelation and turned it into a song!!!!  (okay…that’s a bit much, but that’s exactly how it felt  lol).  Before the first stanza was complete, I was on my knees in worship.  By the end of the song, I was standing, singing to the top of my lungs, pouring out all my heart for my Savior. 

**side note**  Kevin, you didn’t know it at the time, but you blessed my life immeasurably by the simple act of sending me a song.  Thank you!!!!   ***end side note**** lol

A few months later, Glen Whatley (our worship leader at the time) asked me to sing that song for an Easter service at church.  Again, I was blown away!  Glen didn’t know about how that song had affected me, so he probably didn’t understand my blabbering about how excited I was.  lol  I was literally falling over myself with excitement.  Yeah, I can be a dork.  lol

So that Easter Sunday, I stood in front of my congregation, filled with love for them and overflowing with the love of Christ, and poured out my praise on Him.  He is the Word and we used His Word to worship Him.  SUCH A POWERFUL THING!!!!  And we worshiped.  We opened our hearts and we showered Him with our praise.  And the Holy Spirit rained down on us like fire.  It was an amazing moment shared among believers! 

So that’s it….my personal testimony about the Revelation Song.  And each time I sing it, I am reminded anew just how WORTHY He is.  I hope that everyone reading this will take the time to read those Scriptures and open your hearts to Him.  And the next time we sing this song at church, pour out your heart in a fresh wave of worship.  For HE IS WORTHY!


4 Responses to “Revelation Song…My Testimony”

  1. Tyler Says:

    awesome song. we did it for the first time last weekend. cool testimony.

  2. createdtopraise Says:

    Thanks so much! I get a little worked up about this song, obviously. But it really is exciting when I hear of other churches singing it. I’m so glad y’all are doing it too!!!!

  3. David Says:

    Awesome testimony and explanation on how you came across the Revelation Song! You should make a trip to Gateway Church in Southlake, TX! Every weekend at Gateway I feel like how you did when you first heard the Revelation Song.

  4. createdtopraise Says:

    Hey thanks for the invite, David! I just might have to take you up on that. 🙂

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