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Pet Peeves March 27, 2008

Filed under: Random Stuff — 6kids1me @ 11:57 pm

Pet peeves.  We all have them.  Go ahead and admit it….it’s okay.  I promise I won’t judge you.  I’ve sure got plenty of my own.  lol  Here’s the short list….

1.  People who drive below the speed limit in the left lane. 

2.  My precious husband dropping his dirty socks two inches in front of the hamper.  C’mon, is it really that difficult?

3.  My kids leaving the front door open.  Do they really think we can afford to air condition the whole neighborhood?!  (OMGosh I sound like my mother!)

4.  Finding myself sounding like my mother.   rofl

5.  My kids leaving the freezer door open while putting ice in their glass.  (see #3)

6.  Those emails that say “If you don’t forward this to 10 people within 10 minutes, you will have bad luck for the rest of your life.”  Sorry, they get deleted just ’cause they got on my nerves with that.  lol

7.  Angry checkers in the grocery store.  (Hey, I know you probably had a bad day, but I might have too…and I know your feet hurt, but mine might too.  I make you this promise, I will return your smile and I’ll even compliment you on your pleasant demeanor.  Just start with the smile.)

8.  Staying on hold with ***insert big business name here**** for 45 minutes only to be hung up on.  ARGH!

Okay, so why I am I sharing this with you tonight?  Because I made it through an entire day without even one of these things happening!!!!  It may never happen again, so I’m going to just soak up the moment.  My husband actually managed to put his socks IN the hamper, nobody went too slow in the passing lane, the lady at the grocery store was super nice, the kids even closed the front door every single time they went out of it.  Okay, so they didn’t do so great with the back door, but for my kids this is still a monumental thing.  lol

So today I hope that you each have a “peeve free” day.  Whatever your peeve may be, I hope it stays away from you all day.  🙂


One Response to “Pet Peeves”

  1. karinfaucheux Says:

    hope you have many more…

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