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Worship PreFessional March 27, 2008

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For those who haven’t noticed yet, I placed a disclaimer in my sidebar.  I felt it might be wise to go ahead and do that.  You see, just like the disclaimer says, I’m just one person with a million thoughts who chooses to share my heart with others.  Many of my posts seem almost incoherant to me, let alone profound.  But I would hate for someone to read them and get the impression that I’m speaking for all of Christendom.  lol  So to reiterate, these are only MY thoughts.  Okay, end of disclaimer.  lol

And now on to the prefessional……

Practice went really great tonight.  I was very excited to see some people come out for the new ensemble.  Not as many showed up as I had originally expected, but that’s okay.  The one’s who came are passionate about worship and that’s exactly what I was praying for.  And this is a very good beginning for our ensemble.  They already added so much to our practice & I am looking forward to seeing them in action on Sunday morning.

Our practice went very well tonight.  We learned a new song, reviewed some well known ones and even worked on a couple of new arrangements.  I was especially excited to have some time to work specifically with the vocalists tonight.  We hashed out a few parts and that’s always fun for me.  🙂

As usual, I’m not going to tell what songs we’ll be doing, but I just have to share this with you…’s gonna be HOPPIN!!!!  The new song we’re introducing is SO MUCH FUN!  It’s one of those praise songs that I love so much….you know, the ones where you just gotta sing to the top of your lungs.  Woohoo!  Okay, I’ll stop now.  lol

Our sweet Jennifer was at practice tonight.  She made me promise that if we were going to do her favorite song that I would let her sing.  lol  We’re doing that song this week and I was not the least bit surprised when she showed up for practice.  🙂  Of course, she’s about 10 months pregnant, so I don’t even know if she’ll make it to Sunday morning.  lol

I had to attend an important meeting before practice tonight, so while I was there with the praise team, Raymond (God bless Raymond!) was with the new ensemble, hashing out parts.  I left the meeting early and by the time I made it to practice, the new ensemble was already completely familiar with the music and ready to work on parts and arrangements.  It was great!  And by the time practice was over, we were all very confident in the music.  Sunday is gonna be awesome!


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