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Worship Confessional March 31, 2008

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I know I say this every week…..but I really mean it every week.  Yesterday was GREAT!  Bro. Keith’s message was right on about the Holy Spirit (and not grieving the Holy Spirit).  While listening to him speak, I couldn’t help but wonder why God never gave up on me.  I bet many of us were thinking the same thing.

The music was really good yesterday.  I can see where I’ve grown quite a bit as a leader over the last few months.  And of course, I can see many areas where I still need a lot of work.  I realize that we’re all our own worst critics, but isn’t that how we grow?  Even in the things that went exceptionally well yesterday, I’m thinking of ways to expound on them and make them even better.

Here’s who we had yesterday:

Raymond – piano

Bryant – electric guitar

Zack – bass guitar

Josh – drums

Vocals – Speedy, Shalyian, Becky, Bryant

Something really exciting yesterday – we introduced our new ensemble!  They were an awesome addition to the team.  Having that vocal backing really made an obvious difference even on the first day.  They sang with confidence and with excellence and I am so thankful for their willingness to serve.  I am sincerely hoping to see this ensemble continue to grow.  Any vocalists interested in joining, please contact me.  You can find my info on the back of any church bulletin or you can leave a comment here and I’ll get in touch with you.

Here’s our set list for the week:

Let It Rise

Revelation Song

How Great is Our God (Chorus)

Holy, Holy, Holy

All Things Are Possible

The transition from Revelation Song to How Great is Our God didn’t go quite like I had planned.  I came in too early and messed it up so we had to start it again.  Thankfully, I am able to laugh at myself (because I realize I can be a total dork sometimes) and didn’t get all upset.  I laughed, suggested that we try that again and the congregation had a good laugh.  Though recovery was quick and even fun, I would very much like to see that never happen again.  lol

Holy Holy Holy was done acapella.  It was VERY moving.  The congregation really opened their hearts and it was beautiful to see.  We can’t do acapella music every week, but that’s definitely something we’ll do again someday.

By far, the most fun of all was when we did the fantastic praise song “All Things Are Possible.”  The only other times I’ve seen smiles that big in the congregation is when we’ve done “No One Like You.”  Finding a really upbeat praise song is not an easy task and when you find one that your congregation likes, it’s like a precious jewel.  Well they really liked this one.  I’m so glad too, because it’s one of my favorites.  Since it was the first time we’ve done that song, people were watching the words pretty closely, but they were still really involved with it.  Hands clapping, voices singing, big happy smiles everywhere…it was great! 

I have a video to the song in my side bar over there ——->.  Check it out.  What I love about this song is not only the fun, upbeat music (and that it’s a total blast to sing!), but the lyrics really shout out praise.  I love that!  There is just something wonderful about saying to the Lord, “You are amazing” and then singing His Word back to Him.  The lyrics totally make me smile.  🙂

Okay, so that’s it for this week’s worship confessional.  Check back as the week progresses.  I’ll be sharing my heart on the importance of serving in a ministry and a few other issues that are close to my heart.  Until then, y’all have a wonderful rest of your day!


2 Responses to “Worship Confessional”

  1. Thanks for including Let It Rise in your set list.

  2. createdtopraise Says:

    Hey there! I told you, our congregation loves this song. lol

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