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New Song & Video – How He Loves April 1, 2008

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I just added a new video to the VodPod in my sidebar over there ——>.  It’s called “How He Loves.”  This song just floors me every time.  Every time.  The song is really fabulous & very well written.  And the girl in the video totally rocks the song! 

One of the lines in this song says, “I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way He loves us.”  WOW!!!  That one line makes me consider so many things.  First, His love is so overwhelming, so powerful, that it pushes out everything else.  When I begin to think of the way He loves me, all the negative thoughts slip away.  There’s no room left for them in His presence.  Think about it like this, He is light.  There is no darkness in light.  If the negative thoughts are darkness, then how can they remain when I am filled with His light?!

Another thing about that line that really makes me think is the word “time.”  There is much to be done….and I’m not talking about housework.  I’m talking about things that impact eternity.  When I consider the way He loves us, and how many people are missing out on that amazing love, I just can’t sit still.  There has to be some way to reach them with His love.  There has to be.  And no matter how crazy it may sound to some, I truly believe that we are running out of time to reach them.  I don’t have time to relive every mistake I’ve made and I don’t have time to nurture negativity when there’s so much to be done.  He loves us too much for me to sit quietly in my corner reminding myself of my shortcomings and failures.  It’s time to make an impact on eternity….because of His love.


One Response to “New Song & Video – How He Loves”

  1. ronsworld Says:

    Go to to buy the cd/dvd. It is incredible! Have a great day and God bless!

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