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Creativity Dump April 3, 2008

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Carlos (click here to check him out) is a pretty creative guy.  A few years ago, he came up with the idea for worship confessionals.  Y’all already know I’m still doing those every week.  Well now he’s got a new concept that I’m just crazy about.  It’s called “Creative Chaos” and the general idea is that creative people in ministry from all over will share their ideas weekly.  It’s kind of a creativity conference that we can all attend for free.  🙂

So for my very first Creative Chaos entry, I’d like to expound on the “Creativity Dump” I talked a bit about yesterday.  Here’s what I already said….

We have a very exciting series coming up at church and our meeting tonight focused on that.  In this meeting, we were all throwing out creative ideas, tossing them around, melding them with one another and reshaping them into action plans.  Gosh it was fun!!!  I love how creativity begets creativity.  One person started with a single creative idea and then another person chimed in and suddenly everyone was contributing.  I love that!!!

I was just saying earlier today that I needed a “creativity dump.”  Sometimes my mind is overtaken with ideas and I need to dump them on somebody….so I can have more room up there for more ideas.  🙂  And tonight I dumped like crazy.  Colors, designs, lights, words….all came jumbling out and were integrated into the stream of ideas coming from everyone in the room.  Fantastic!

So I started thinking more about this creative dumping.  Creativity isn’t something that has been cultivated in my life.  I haven’t been trained in creativity.  I think most people could say the same.  But as I said yesterday, I think that creativity begets creativity.  Roll with me here….

When Bro. Keith (our pastor) first asked us to share our ideas last night, there was dead silence.  And then one person spoke.  And then someone expounded on that idea and then another expounded futher.  Then a new idea came from across the room….before I knew it, ideas were coming from every direction.  Creativity was flowing.  It was fantastic!

I’m grateful that I have a pastor who encourages an atmosphere of creativity.  I’ve been in churches before where it was actually discouraged.  As most of you know, we’re a brand-spankin’-new church (only around 5 months old).  It’s exciting to know that from the very beginning, creativity is being cultivated and nurtured.  Like I said yesterday, sometimes I get so filled up with creative ideas that I just have to dump them on somebody.  And now I have an opportunity to not just dump, but to apply this creativity to my ministry. 

So what are you doing to apply creativity to your ministry?  If you haven’t already, I’d recommend having a creative session with your team.  You’ll probably walk away amazed at the ideas that come from it.  And I bet your ministry will grow.  Try it out and see.  Let me know what happens.  🙂  If this is something you’re already doing, how’s it working out for you?  Have you seen growth in your team members/ministry/both?  Seriously, I wanna know.


2 Responses to “Creativity Dump”

  1. jimkastkeat Says:

    my team of five tries and stay on top of the upcoming six weeks, giving us plenty of space to brainstorm and led ideas ferment.

    it’s been fun to look at the list when a Sunday is six weeks out and then again when it’s the upcoming Sunday. the idea goes through quite the creative gauntlet!

  2. Pete Wilson Says:

    I’m with you. Our creative team meeting our a blast. God uses our time together to create some amazing environments to capture people’s attention for the glory of God. Great stuff, thanks.

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