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Exhilarated April 3, 2008

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I’m too excited to sleep!  My mind is racing at 100 mph and I just can’t get to sleep.  And that’s okay since it’s all fun stuff in my head.  lol

We have a very exciting series coming up at church and our meeting tonight focused on that.  In this meeting, we were all throwing out creative ideas, tossing them around, melding them with one another and reshaping them into action plans.  Gosh it was fun!!!  I love how creativity begets creativity.  One person started with a single creative idea and then another person chimed in and suddenly everyone was contributing.  I love that!!!

I was just saying earlier today that I needed a “creativity dump.”  Sometimes my mind is overtaken with ideas and I need to dump them on somebody….so I can have more room up there for more ideas.  🙂  And tonight I dumped like crazy.  Colors, designs, lights, words….all came jumbling out and were integrated into the stream of ideas coming from everyone in the room.  Fantastic!

After the meeting, I of course visited my grandmothers.  These ladies are so wonderful.  My Nanny ordered take-out pizza for the first time in her life tonight.  How funny is that?!  So we laughed and joked over some Dominoes.  Then my Grandmaw and I chatted away about life, love and Rummikub.  If you haven’t seen this game, you gotta check it out.  It’s a lot of fun.  And the ladies at my grandmothers’ apartment building could whip anybody’s butts.  They take this game seriously.  rofl

But wait!  There’s more!

After I got home from there, I got a phone call from our Media Coordinator, my friend Cary.  He’d left the meeting early because Jennifer (his wife and alto on the praise team) thought she might be in labor.  Well, when he called from the hospital, I almost expected him to say that they were sending her home.  They weren’t!  We’re gonna have a baby soon!!!

I got to the hospital shortly after 9pm.  Poor Jen was hurting bad and there was nothing I could do to help.  It’s hard watching someone you love hurting, but I couldn’t do anything.  So I stayed with her, encouraged as much as I could without (hopefully) being annoying and prayed really hard.  Bro. Keith, Bro. Curtis & Bro. Tim all showed up which was a nice surprise.  But the nurse didn’t let them stay very long.  I was really shocked when about an hour later I walked out into the waiting room and found them still sitting there.  lol

Eventually, Jen got her epidural and finally had some relief from the pain.  When it seemed like she was going to be able to get some rest, I decided I’d best leave so she could do that.  I left around midnight.  Still no baby, but making progress and that’s good.  I’m hoping to get a call before the sun comes up.  I’m so excited!!!!

I have to admit, when I first walked into the labor & delivery ward, I felt sick to my stomach.  I delivered 4 of my kids right there in that very place.  The thought of being back there made me physically ill.  But then I remembered that I wasn’t the one having a baby this time.  I felt much better after that.  lol  Hey, six is enough.  Dontcha think?

So anyway, I’m super exhilarated tonight.  Creativity, a baby and I’m not pregnant!  Woohoo!!!!  As soon as I hear that the baby is born, I’ll let y’all know.  Gosh this is a happy night!


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