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Ask a Stupid Question….. April 8, 2008

Filed under: Church Life,ministry,Random Stuff — 6kids1me @ 8:44 pm

My daughter (10 yrs old) baked brownies today.  Before I left for my meeting, she gave me two brownies on a plate told me that one was for me and the other was for Bro. Keith (our pastor).  Since I was in a hurry, I thanked her and ran out the door without thinking, “Hey, Bro. Keith isn’t going to be at this meeting.”  Oops.

So I ate one brownie on the way to the meeting and then remembered that Bro. Keith wouldn’t be there.  I stared at that rich, fudgy, yummy brownie through the whole meeting.  *sigh*  After the meeting, I scarfed that brownie down in two seconds flat….and it was goooooood. 

Then I ran over to the church.  I’ll give you one guess who was there.  Yep.  Bro. Keith, all smiles, saying “Hey Becky, what’s up?”  My response?  “Hey would you lie for me?”  I wish you could have seen his face.  ROFL  Guess I should have told him why before asking him to lie for me.  After I explained he said, “I’ll tell her that’s the best brownie I ever heard of” and promised to say the “heard of” really low and quiet.  lol  Ah well.  Guess I’ll have to explain to my daughter that Mommy’s chocolate addiction won this round. 

On a different note, I’m really proud of my dh tonight.  He went up to the church after work today and did some painting.  While I was up there, I looked at the room he did and it looked great!  He impresses me so much.  And he would never eat a brownie intended for someone else.


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