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Where It’s At April 9, 2008

Filed under: creativity,Thoughts on Worship,worship — 6kids1me @ 10:42 pm

For this week’s Creative Chaos, Carlos requested that we tell where our creativity is sparked.  That’s an easy answer for me.  Everywhere!  Seriously, everywhere.

My mind operates in color and sound.  And since our society is inundated with flashy colors and noises, my creativity is always working at lightning fast speeds.  Magazine ads, my red couch, 30 second radio blurbs….inspiration is all around. 

I also find inspiration when I’m with other creative people.  Like I said last week, creativity begets creativity.  You put two or three creative people together and you’re bound to get some crazy ideas.  lol

But the absolute best creativity comes during times of worship.  Sometimes He speaks to me in a still, small voice.  Sometimes.  But often it’s in bursts of color and music.  His Word comes alive inside me and His spirit overwhelms me.  And when I’m surrounded by His beauty and His love, I step back and let Him have His way.  And that’s when the real creativity begins.

It makes perfect sense that my most creative thoughts would happen during times of worship.  After all, He is the Creator.  If anyone has cornered the market on creativity, it’s Him.  Who can look at a platypus and think that God isn’t creative?  Or a tree?  Or a turtle?  Who can watch a sunset and not recognize the Master Painter at work? 

What’s kinda sad is that most of the creative ideas that occur during times of worship are often left there.  The new songs I sing, the new things I sketch, they are often left on the altar and shared with no one.  But then, wasn’t that kind of the point?  Wasn’t it for His pleasure alone to begin with?  It’s all for Him.  So if no one ever sees it, that’s okay with me.  It was something personal shared between me and my creative Creator.

But it is kinda fun when He brings it back to mind during a planning session.  🙂


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