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Worship Confessional April 13, 2008

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This was our first Sunday to have two services at Heart of Worship!  It was also our first Sunday to have Children’s Church for the kids.  I have to admit, even though our church has grown really fast, I was concerned that having two services would mean smaller numbers of people.  I thought we’d have all the same family, but no one new.  Boy was I wrong!!!

The 9:30 service had a nice size crowd.  I’m terrible at guesstimating numbers, so I won’t even try.  But the 11:00 service was packed!  I thought that was really funny since the whole reason we went to two services was to have room for more people…and our first Sunday was packed out.  lol  So many new people everywhere….fantastic!  Since our greatest priority is to reach people with the love of Christ, it’s wonderful to see new people coming in. 

Two of my kids are in the age range for Children’s Church.  They absolutely loved it!  They raved about it all afternoon.  The music, the lesson, everything was great for them.  To all the Children’s Church workers and volunteers….thank you.  And to all the childrens’ LIFE Group leaders….thank you.  My kids talk about their lessons all week long.  You really do make an impact on thier lives and I am forever grateful.  ***side note*** I have kids in each age group at church, so this thank you is for all the childrens’ LIFE Group leaders.  🙂  And nursery workers, I haven’t forgotten you!  Without you, there’s no way I’d ever get to attend services.  If you’ve met my Jack, you understand.  lol

Bro. Keith preached about dealing with hard time (whatever the situation).  Knowing the hard times I’ve been through and the hard times that many I love are going through now, this message really hit home with me. 

And now on the the confessional……

Our set list for this week:

All Things Are Possible (partial as opener)

You Are Worthy of My Praise

Open the Eyes of My Heart


Holy is the Lord

All Things Are Possible

We did have a few minor issues, but overall the music was really great this morning.  We had to drop “Amazed” from the 9:30 service due to being short on time.  Also, we lost a monitor on stage.  Okay, we didn’t actually “lose” it so much as it quit working.  lol  It is really hard to sing when you can’t hear yourself.  But the media team assures us that they will have this issue fixed by next Sunday. 

The work that everybody did during the week really made an impact this morning.  The media team has moved into their upstairs room which means no more table down front.  Woohoo!  The platform was clear of everything except what was needed for our service.  Another woohoo!  And the biggest improvement for the vocalists…..we had the lyrics on the back wall this week.  Triple woohoo!!!!! 

The kids all had freshly painted classrooms, which was really nice.  One of the columns in the sanctuary has been removed.  Bro. Keith wasn’t the only one happy about that.  Everyone could see better and everyone was much happier.  The other column is structural, so it’ll take a bit longer to get that one out.  But having even one gone was an excellent thing.

There were lots more changes and improvements, but I can’t think of them all now.  Too tired.  Sorry about that.

Okay that’s all I have for tonight.  I’m fighting a sinus headache and really just want to go to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a big day of planning for me and Raymond, so I’ve got to get some rest tonight anyway.  I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day!


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