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In Action April 16, 2008

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Gut check.  I am overwhelmed.  I just read this post over at Carlos’ blog and I am in overwhelmed.  For those who don’t click, here is the gist of it….

Carlos was leading worship at his church and looked down to see this….

Love…real love….Christ’s love….in action.

The guy in back is named Matt.  The guy in front is named Jefferson.  I don’t know either of them, but they both touched my heart today.

Jefferson has cerebral palsey.  So does my daughter Stefani.  What’s heartbreaking about CP is that most people don’t bother to look beyond the disability to see the person inside.  Stefani is a bright, funny, amazing girl and lots of people are missing out on that because they don’t see past her CP.  That’s sad.

But Stefani loves to worship.  She gave her life to Christ two years ago.  Since then, she has loved Him and loves to worship Him.  And when she sings to Him, she holds nothing back.  It’s beautiful.  Just beautiful.  And we could all learn a lot from Stefani about not holding anything back when we worship.

But what I really want to focus on in that picture is Matt.  If that’s not a picture of Jesus’ love, then I don’t know what is.  Look again.  He’s holding Jefferson up for worship.  WOW.  I’m assuming that Jefferson expressed to Matt that he wanted to stand during worship.  So Matt, realizing that Jefferson could not stand on his own, lifted him up and held him that way for about 20 minutes.  I say again….WOW.

Romans 15

 1We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.

 2Let every one of us please his neighbour for his good to edification.

Thank you, Matt, for being that example.  Thank you for showing Christ’s love when you thought no one was watching.  Jefferson isn’t the only one who was blessed.

Thank You, Jesus, for holding me up, because I am unable to stand on my own.  Thank You for being my strength, because I am so weak.  Thank You for seeing past my weakness and loving me anyway.


2 Responses to “In Action”

  1. zoebios121 Says:

    Amen. Your username says it all, Created to Praise. Or shall I say, “Made to Worship?”

  2. Rich Says:

    Wow! That is absolutely beautiful… check your heart to make sure its still beating if you don’t get emotional.

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