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Creative Chaos April 25, 2008

I’m a day late but here’s my entry for Creative Chaos.

Starting Sunday night, I will be working with the Youth Praise Team.  They have only been together for two weeks (this will be their third) and they are already off to a good start.  Speedy (our Youth Pastor) has been working with them, but he has so much on his plate already.  This will release him to focus on other things.

We’ll be laying the foundation for a strong team.  We already have a drummer, bass guitar, keyboard, lead guitar and two vocalists.  We would like to add a couple more instruments and a couple more vocalists.  So if you are a teen who is looking for a way to serve in the music ministry, please let me know!

Also, I am going to have some adult musicians partner with these teen musicians to kind of mentor them.  Music lessons are good and we definitely want the youth to keep taking them.  This mentoring program will be to help them musically and spiritually.  There’s much more that goes into leading worship than just music.  Most teens are surprised by that when they first start.  These mentors can help guide and grow them in the area of worship.

So that’s what happening creatively with me this week.  I’m excited about the future!


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