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Introducing RaceCar & Rocket April 26, 2008

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Since I’ve mentioned them so much, I thought y’all might like to meet our little friends……

This is RaceCar.  He was saved from certain death when Rodney found him.  Rodney was about to pour concrete for a foundation when he spotted RaceCar crawling around within the frames.  He was so tiny and cute!  We’ve had him with us for about a year and a half now and he’s already doubled in size.

RaceCar is a survivor.  Not only did he escape impending concrete doom, but he’s also survived Jack all this time.  The first time he went missing, it was for two weeks.  Finally, Jack brought him back to us.  He’d been in a toybox the whole time.  Covered in dust and a bit dehydrated, he was very happy to see his tank again.  Poor RaceCar.  That’s not the last time he went missing, but it’s the longest he ever stayed missing.

And this is Rocket.  He was found in our yard about three weeks ago.  He’s obviously still a little baby, but he and RaceCar seem to get along well.  He’s only gone missing three times since he’s been here, so he’s doing pretty good.


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