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Family Day May 4, 2008

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Rodney went fishing for a while today.  I’m glad he did since he doesn’t ever do anything for himself.    That gave me some free time to clean house and do a little decorating (something I’ve been wanting to do since we moved here a year ago).  But the fun started when Rodney got home.

Kyra and Josh decided to put on a show for the family.  They ran through the house giggling, gathering costumes and props for their performances.  After much rehearsing, they invited the whole family out to enjoy the show.

In the front yard, they had arranged all of the dining room chairs and a few blankets into a seating area.  The guests in attendance were myself, Rodney, Beau, Jack & two little girls from next door.  On each seat was found a sparkler….like the 4th of July kind.  Curious.  And then the show began…..

First was Josh performing magic tricks.  I have to say…that’s a pretty great magician’s costume.

After showing us that there was nothing up his sleeves & the coin he was using, he then informed us that we must be quiet….

We were then amazed by his magic “Which Hand?” tricks.

Kyra then performed a solo song for us, showing her versatile vocal abilities.  Immediately following her aria, she announced that there would be a brief intermission.  As you can see…the other main performer had to take a bathroom break.

Then we were graced with a poem.  With the Henry Gibson intro he gave, we couldn’t help but laugh.  What’s most funny is that he’s never even heard of Henry Gibson and yet he gave the perfect intro.

“A Poem….by Joshua Malone”

This is a flower.

It has pink petals and a yellow middle.

It has a long stem and green leaves.

A flower is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes, you might think you are a flower.

The End.

And then we watched a poem gone wrong.  Josh was doing another interesting poem about a car when Beau decided to get involved.  You can see the look of mischief on his face and how blissfully unaware Josh is….

Our own little version of “the hook.”

Then we were treated to a rousing rendition of “Lean on Me” after which we all joined in a chorus of the “Veggie Tales Theme Song.” 

Then there were the races….astounding displays of agility and speed.

And finally, a play.  It was brief.  Here’s a tip….if you ever put on a play in your front yard, don’t encourage audience participation.

The basics of the play:

Kyra was a school principal and Josh was the school janitor. 

While Kyra was making the morning announcements, Josh was sweeping the floor.  A couple of minutes into the play, Josh goes to Rodney with an empty Dr. Pepper can and tells him to throw it on the ground.  Rodney, dutiful father that he is, does as requested.  Josh promptly tattles on him to the principal.  Rodney is called to the office and suddenly things begin to go terribly wrong.

The kids weren’t counting on Rodney being the school bully……

After that, there was too much screaming and running to go on anymore. 

I know this was a long post, but this was just too much fun not to share!  Gosh I love the creativity of kids!


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  1. This makes me very excited to start my family!

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