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Potty Mouth May 7, 2008

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We all have bad habits, right?  Or am I the only one?  Here’s a little more of the “authentic me.”

One habit that I struggled very hard to overcome was my language.  I cussed like a sailor.  What’s worse, I did it in front of my kids.  Finally, I became ashamed of my mouth and decided to clean it up.

So I thought I’d quit cold turkey.  I just wouldn’t use that language anymore.  Yeah right.  Well that didn’t work.  I found that the only way I could stop was to replace the words with something else.  So that’s what I did.

Rather than use #($& or *(&#, I started using words like gosh, golly and gee.  Now nobody makes ugly faces when I’m speaking.  They can’t….they’re laughing too hard.  My friends pick on me and tell me that I sound like an episode of Leave it to Beaver.  I say that’s better than the alternative.

But tonight I realized that I sound nothing like the Beave.  I actually sound more like Gomer Pyle….


It must be the Southern accent.


One Response to “Potty Mouth”

  1. ronpai Says:

    yeah, I used Shitake mushrooms to replace the first half of Shitake. Also, just “f” instead of the whole word. My mouth is a continual work in progress.

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