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Not So Quiet Time May 9, 2008

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I’m a believer in quiet time.  That’s what I call my time each day alone with the Lord.  It’s my dedicated time to read the Word, pray and listen.  Yeah, listen.

That’s the part I seem to need work on.  I’m often so busy talking that I don’t take enough time to listen.  He wants to talk to me, but I won’t shut up long enough for Him to.

So this week, I’ve been quiet.  I’ve been listening.  I haven’t spent a lot of time updating the blog here, and I’m sorry for those who check in every day.  But I’ve been busy listening.  There’s been a lot said and it’s taking some time to absorb it all. 

I will come back and share some of my heart soon.  But if you’re looking for something good to read in the meantime, try this…..


One Response to “Not So Quiet Time”

  1. Awesome! I spend more time checking blogs per day than I do reading the bible…ouch!

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