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Mother’s Day at HOW May 10, 2008

Filed under: Church Life,creativity,ministry,Personal Life,worship,Worship Leader — 6kids1me @ 6:38 pm

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day!  As a mom of six, this is a big day for me.  My kids have already started giving me their handmade gifts and I am loving it!  Tomorrow will be spent with them and with my own amazing mother.  Yay!

But first, I’m going to church.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Big news……

Every mother at Heart of Worship will receive a free portrait!  So be sure to dress nice, dress the kiddies nice & convince hubby to put on a tie.  It’s Mother’s Day at HOW and we’re going to do it up right!  I can hardly wait.  All the kids have nice clothes picked out and we’re all ready for our portrait.  The music is good, the sermon is always good and the time with our family is going to be awesome!  See you there!


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