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Worst Mother on the Planet May 12, 2008

Filed under: Church Life,ministry,Personal Life,Worship Leader — 6kids1me @ 9:57 pm

Yep.  That would be me.

Yesterday, Mother’s Day, Heart of Worship offered free family portraits for mom.  Wonderful!  My kids all dressed nice & even combed their hair.  My husband wore a tie!  But I couldn’t find a time to get back there for the photo.

Before church, I was going through the music with the band.  During church, I was leading worship.  After church, I was preparing for the next service. 

So during the 11:00 service, after the music was done, I ran to the back.  My husband and two of our kids were in Children’s Church, one kid was helping in a classroom and another kid wasn’t even in town.  So I grabbed the two youngest from their classes and tried to get a photo taken with just them.  It didn’t go well.

When our turn finally came, Jack refused to smile & Beau kept hiding his face while saying “Cheese!”, like it was all a fun game.  God bless the photographer, she really tried her best.  I don’t know what kind of picture we’ll end up with, but it’ll be real if nothing else.

So then reality hit.  While we were trying to get a decent photo, I get a message over the radio…”The invitation has already started.  Get to the stage!”  Ummmmmm……uh oh.  We gotta work on that communication thing.

I’m running down the hall, tossing screaming kids into classrooms.  I was in such a hurry that I almost closed the door on Beau’s arm as he was reaching for me, screaming “Mmmmmooooommmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!!”

Bad Mommy.  Very bad Mommy.


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