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Walking with a Limp May 13, 2008

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 11:57 pm

I’m walking with a limp this week.  Not fun.

Monday afternoon, I was fussing at my little Jack (2yrs old) for taking a canvas folding chair out of the closet.  I was walking toward him, telling him to put it back, when he tossed it at my feet.  One foot hit the chair, the other foot landed in a flower pot.  I hit the floor doing the splits.  I hadn’t ever done the splits before that day.

It hurt like crazy.  I cried out in pain and Jack went running in the opposite direction.  I looked down at my left leg and discovered that it was turned funny.  I prayed, “Lord, please don’t let my leg be broken & heal it if it is.  I just don’t have time for a broken leg.”  How stupid is that?  lol

When I looked closer though, I saw that my leg was not broken.  Instead, my kneecap had been knocked out of place.  Ouch!  I was able to get it back in place and the pain eased up considerably. 

Jack must have thought it was safe then because he came over to me and said, “I sorry, Mommy.”  I knew I couldn’t get up off the floor yet, so I told him to go sit on the couch.  Can you believe he actually did?!  I was shocked!  I eventually got off the floor.

So today my leg is stiff, sore & swolen, but not broken.  Hopefully, the swelling will go down soon and I’ll lose the limp.  But hey, Jack’s being super sweet right now, so I’m grateful for that.  🙂


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