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Extreme Makeover – Church Edition May 15, 2008

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Creative Chaos
So here’s my entry for this week’s Creative Chaos over at Carlos’ blog.

Remember earlier in the week I told you about our extreme church makeover? Well, I’m back with pics!

This is what the congregation saw last week as they entered the church….
old church 1
old church 2
So that was last week.

Here’s what they saw this week…..
stage lit

What’s impressive about this…..

* It’s more our “style.”
* Every single bit of the work was done by skilled members of our church.
* This was all done in one week!

What you can’t tell….the silver on the middle of the walls has lighting behind it. It’s just hard to tell in these pics. Also, I couldn’t get a shot of the entire stage, but it’s pretty big. Finally, the screens are missing. We’ve ordered new, larger screens and they’re not hung yet.

There are still a few changes to come, but this was so major that everyone was shocked and thrilled.

And now just for fun…..
My groupies. They follow me everywhere.


3 Responses to “Extreme Makeover – Church Edition”

  1. Tyler Says:

    i like it, gives the room a more reflective feel.

  2. Rebecca Moon Says:

    wow, that’s awesome!
    definitely a significant change!
    great work 🙂

  3. Wow! Nice job. Environment matters more than many people understand. Good job.

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