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Tiny Little Burn Update June 14, 2009

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 1:36 pm

My hand is healing nicely, I think. The burning sensation has almost gone. The only bad part left is the thumb and index finger. Weird thing about those though….the burning sensation remains there, but on the surface of those fingers, I have no feeling. Zero. I think I killed all the nerve endings there. It’s funny how not feeling your fingers affects day-to-day life. But anyway, I’m told that the nerves will begin to regenerate there (how cool is that?!?!!?) and over time I will have feeling in those fingers again. The flesh has hardened there are will, I’m told, eventually come off revealing healthy new skin beneath. So apparently I’m healing nicely. Thanks y’all for the prayers and help during this time.


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