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August 22, 2009

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 4:51 pm

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I’m like a kid on Christmas morning right now. Happy things happening all around me.

1. We bought a tiller!!!!!! My aunt & uncle got themselves a new tiller and sold us there old (and perfectly working) one for only $100. Woot! Rodney spent a good part of the afternoon tilling up lots of new garden space for us. He also brought home a bunch of seeds for our fall garden. I’m daydreaming of all that fresh produce this fall.

2. My aunt also sent us a wok (excited to learn to use it) and a TON of cookbooks! Y’all know how cheap I am, and cookbooks are no exception. I just can’t justify the cash to buy one. So this was a very special treat for me!

3. My Daddy asked if there was anything more the kids needed for homeschooling. I mentioned a few things thinking he wouldn’t be able to find them. Boy did he surprise me! He came by with a bag full of fun stuff! We have a chalkboard (I’m thinking that will save us a lot of cash on paper & pencils), a book on North American birds, complete with a CD of their singing (should come in handy big time with our nature studies), a corkboard to display their projects, a Spanish workbook and a book on Shakespeare. Yay Daddy!

4. Rodney is taking me on a DATE tonight! An actual, real life date. I’m shocked! Seriously, that kind of thing just doesn’t happen around here. I have no idea where we’re going or what we’ll do when we get there, but I don’t care. The simple fact that he arranged child care all by himself is good enough for me. LOL

There’s tons more fun stuff I could go on and on about, but I have to go get ready for my DATE! woot!


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