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The Flu September 26, 2009

Filed under: Personal Life — 6kids1me @ 3:09 pm

Well we’ve got it hard and heavy at our house. For those who have large families, you know how it goes….one person gets sick and just about the time they start to get over it, the next person gets sick and so on. It’s been 3 weeks for us, so far.

Somehow it started with me. Strange, since I am pretty much a homebody. I got a mild case of the flu. At the time, I thought it was bad. That was before I got hit with the second one. Headaches, skin aches, even my hair hurt. But it was just me, so it was okay…for a while anyway. Then Rodney got it.

The worst was when the kids got it. First Beau, then Kyra, then Jack. The others have been spared, it seems. Kyra has it the worst. Basic OTC meds have been working well. Their doctor prescribed a cough med for them though, since OTC wasn’t working for that. It seems Beau and Jack are all better now, but Kyra’s is still lingering. Josh started coughing today, so I’m watching that closely. I’m convinced Rodney and I could get better if we could just get some rest. But in a house full of sick kids, that’s difficult.

My advise to the world at large….avoid this flu as much as possible. Seriously. It’s miserable. And it will shut down your day-to-day life in a heartbeat. Our daily routines have come to a complete stand-still for now. I can hardly wait to resume life as usual. Please pray for us. We’re a miserable lot right now.


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