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A Conversation with Josh October 16, 2009

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Josh announced today that he’s decided what he’s going to do when he grows up. Our conversation is below for your viewing pleasure:

Mom: Oh really? You’ve decided already?
Big J: Yeah! It’s something no one has ever done before!
M: Wow! What is it?
J: I’m going to teach people about Jesus.
M: Ummmmmm….people have done that before, you know….
J: Yeah but not like I’m gonna do it.
M: Oh. Okay what did you have in mind?
J: I’m gonna be a travelling teacher!
M: Ummmmmm……honey, that’s ummmm…..
J: Yeah, but not just ANY travelling teacher!
M: Ok?
J: Yeah, I’m gonna LIVE with the people and even speak their language!
M: Now that’s a great idea, J, but ……
J: Nobody’s EVER done THAT before!
M: Baby, I’m sorry but they have.
J: Really? Who? Are you sure?
M: Yes, darlin’, they’re called missionaries and they travel to far away places and live with strangers and teach them about Jesus.
J: Wow! Somebody already thought of that! They must be really smart like me.
M: **trying too hard to hide laughter to speak**
J: Well then, I’m gonna do it where it’s illegal. And nobody is gonna stop me.
M: Baby, I don’t think they could.