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Allow Me to Respond August 6, 2009

I’ve had enough. You know, I remember being an idealistic young girl, thinking I could help change the world. I remember believing my government was acting on my behalf. And up until just recently, I remember being complacent in my beliefs. Well not anymore. Now I’m angry.

Take a look at this little gem:

And now White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs just said that these are “astroturf” protesters (meaning not a real grassroots movement) and that they’ve been incited, organized and paid by healthcare corporation CEOs. Others in the DNC are saying that the GOP is inciting, organizing and paying the protesters.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!??!?!?!?

Let me be very clear about this. I have no grand delusions that they’re listening, but just in case…..I want to be very clear for Mr. Gibbs, Ms. Pelosi, Ms. Douglass, the DNC and POTUS. Listen closely….I AM ANGRY! Me. Personally. My anger is real and it is justified.

I have never been contacted by any GOP member nor has any healthcare official of any kind ever contacted me….and they certainly haven’t paid me anything. ME, I, PERSONALLY am angry. And I’ve been quiet long enough.

You’re right about one thing though. I have been incited. However, I was not incited by the GOP or healthcare CEOs. No, I have been incited by you. How dare you have the audacity to make the assumption that I am too stupid to think for myself. No, I am incited, but by your actions and your statements. There’s a loooooong list of things that have caused this anger to rise in me, but here’s the short list for your convenience.

1. Czars. Yes, I know that other administrations have had czars. But this administration is taking it to the extreme. These czars recieve their funding from the American people, but report directly to the President. They are given the authority and power to circumvent the House and Senate to accomplish their own personal goals. ENOUGH WITH THE CZARS! I want them out….ALLLLLL OF THEM! There should be NO government office that does not answer to the people. Period.

2. Homeland Security now the United States Police Force. WHAT?!?!?!??! Have you people even read the Constitution?!

3. Healthcare. I agree that the system is not perfect. I DO NOT agree that the government should have the authority to step in and take over. When you say that the public option is only an option, that’s an outright lie. According to what I’ve read in the bill (which by the way you should read, it’s quite interesting), I would be allowed to keep my doctor and my insurance as long as I manage to keep my job. The day I lose my job, I will be REQUIRED to take the public option and will NOT be allowed to switch back to a private option upon new employment. That’s just ONE EXAMPLE of the lies about public healthcare that are being salivated out of the mouths in Washington. But I said I would make this a “short” list.

4. READ THE BILLS!!!!!!!!! Tell me Congressmen & Congresswomen & Senators….just who do you think you are? No, really, I want to know. Just who do you think you are? Do you think that you’re so powerful that you can do whatever you like in Washington? Do you really think we won’t take notice? DO NOT PASS ANOTHER BILL WITHOUT READING IT…..ALLLLLLL OF IT!!!! If you have to hire an attorney to understand what you’ve read, then hire them! We have entrusted you with a sacred duty. You are to represent us. I cannot stand on the floor of the House or Senate and cast my vote. I am entrusting you to do that for me. Let me make this perfectly clear….the very next bill you pass without reading will be the end of your political career. The people are watching and we WILL evict you from office if you EVER do that again.

5. ACORN. Investigate. It’s that simple. No really, it is that simple. Stop pouring money into them until you have thoroughly investigated them. I don’t want another dime of my tax dollars fed to them until I know EXACTLY what they’re up to. Period.

6. Cap and Trade. If you pass this, you’re out. According to POTUS “Under my system of cap and trade, utility rates will necessarily skyrocket.” I’m sorry, but all my money is going to be tied up paying for all your other new spending bills you’ve passed. I won’t be able to afford a higher utility bill. I’m already struggling to pay the one of I’ve got. Not only that, but cap and trade wouldn’t even put a dent in the global warming problem (assuming there even IS a global warming problem). So I’ll repeat, pass this and you’re out.

7. SLOW DOWN!!!! You are overwhelming the system and we can’t keep up with all the attacks on the Constitution because they’re coming from every direction. Yes, I know that your whole point of overwhelming the system is to keep us from keeping up. However, what you may not have realized is that we’re onto you. We’ve caught on. We know what you’re doing and we WILL make it stop. You would be wise to stop now before the people force that change on you.

Now the DNC and Press Secretary Gibbs made a mistake when they said that these are organized protests at the town hall meetings. Sadly they are not organized. They are just concerned people speaking out. However, if this keeps up, I think that will soon change. The people are angry and it won’t be long before they do start to organize. Washington, you need to get your act together before that happens. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourselves out of work along with about 14% of the rest of the country.

And to my friends here at home, I know this is not what you’re accustomed to seeing here on my blog. But darn it, I’ve had enough. I’ve never been a fighter, but it’s to the point now where we have to stand up and do something. Look where complacency has gotten us. I have six kids and a lot of bills but you know what? I’m willing to take what few dimes I have and use them to put overpriced gas in my vehicle and head to Washington, insisting that I be heard if that’s what it takes. It is time.


It’s Home to Me May 20, 2008

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Los posted something this afternoon on his blog that reminded me of why I love my home.

I live in Louisiana. Big deal, right? Well, yeah, to me it is a big deal.

I grew up here in CenLa (Central Louisiana) and spent years dreaming of how much better my life would be if I could just get out of here. And then I moved…first moved to Texas and then Oklahoma. I was gone for more years than I care to remember. Both places were ok, but they weren’t home. I always felt like I didn’t belong, like I just didn’t fit there. Not that I didn’t “fit in.” I just didn’t fit.

I said if I ever got back home, I was going to nail my feet to the ground.

So now I’m back home, have been for a few years, and it still feels good. I’m back in my element, among my people, where I belong. But for your amusement, here are ten things I noticed while I was gone:

1. Moss doesn’t grow on trees everywhere else. Seriously. I never knew that.
2. “Fixing to” means nothing elsewhere. Here it means “getting ready to.” Duh.
3. “Coke” is not a generic term for all soft drinks. Yeah, that one surprised me. Here’s how the conversation goes: ME: You wanna coke? THEM: Sure. ME: What kind? THEM: *blank stare* ME: What kind of coke do you want? I have Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, Sprite, etc. THEM: But you asked if I wanted a Coke. ….. you get the idea.
4. People think we have to sweep the gators off our front porch before we can jump in our air boat to go to work. You think I’m kidding? Sadly, I’m not.
5. “Oil” is pronounced with more than one syllable everywhere except Louisiana, apparently.
6. People constantly ask you to talk. Here’s how that one goes: THEM: Say something. ME: Huh? THEM: Just say something. ME: What do you want me to say? THEM: Anything. I just want to hear you talk. ….. huh?
7. People don’t want you to tell where you’re from….they want to guess. My favorite guesses were Australia and Jamaica.
8. My hair isn’t naturally frizzy. As it turns out, it’s just really humid here. 🙂
9. It’s easier to breathe in the summertime when you’re above sea level. That was one of my favorite things about OKC.
10. People don’t look you in the eye. In fact, it seems like they’ll do almost anything to avoid looking you in the eye. Here, you’re mamma would slap the fool out of you if you didn’t acknowlege someone passing you on the street…whether you knew them or not.

Poor Rodney went into complete culture shock when we first moved here. He was amazed that the pine trees were so big you couldn’t wrap your arms around them. He said he’d never seen them so tall either. He’d never heard an authentic Cajun accent before. He’d never been to Mardi Gras. He’d never seen an alligator outside of a zoo and he’d certainly never seen them so big. And he’d never seen so many people be so nice all the time.

That’s one thing about the deep South, people sure can be respectful. I remember having to politely ask people in other states not to tell my children “Don’t call me ma’am.” It’s just good manners for them to do that. Even as little babies, we’re taught to say “ma’am and sir.” And gentility (is that even a word?) counts for a lot down here. I was often asked, when we lived away, how I got my children to be so polite. The answer was simple….I expected it of them. And there really was no avoiding it since every kid in the South is expected to behave that way. It’s easy to be polite when everybody else is too.

I know I’m rambling. Actually, I could go on all day about this subject. But I should probably stop. Thanks for listening to my random thoughts.


Hello World! January 5, 2008

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I thought I’d make my first post about the purpose of this blog, maybe share a little about myself, etc.  The short version is that my name is Becky Adams and I am the worship leader at Heart of Worship in Alexandria, LA.  I’d like to use this blog as a way to share my heart with my church family.  Blogging is a great way to keep everyone abreast of what is happening with their worship team.  It’s also a great way to keep myself transparent with the people I love.  I will be sharing worship confessionals (more on this later), bits and peices of my life and also fun stuff about the team and our fantastic church.
 For those of you who don’t already know, Heart of Worship is an amazing church.  We are a people of like mind.  Our desire is to worship our Lord (since that is what we’ve been created to do) and to reach others for Christ.  A lot of people are surprised by the outpouring of love shown by our church family.  To be honest, if I weren’t a part of that family, I might have trouble believing it myself.  But I know the genuine love that I have for them.  And I know the genuine love I’ve been given by them.  It’s real.  I invite you to come experience it for yourself.  There’s nothing quite like it!

 We are experiencing something in our church right now that I’ve never seen before.  I like to call them “New Testament Moments.”  We’re seeing entire families come to the Lord and be baptized.  We’re experiencing rapid growth & a renewed desire of the people to study God’s Word.  People are seeking intimate, personal relationships with Jesus and it’s been just amazing to watch their lives changing.  I am astounded that God has chosen me to be a part of this.  Just astounded!

 I am so glad you stopped by my blog and I hope you’ll take a minute to leave a comment letting me know you were here.  Come back soon!