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Worship Confessional – How He Loves May 18, 2008

Wow!!!!! I just got home from church and WOW!!! Yeah, I know I already said that, but WOW!!!! If you were there this morning, you know what I mean.

It all started before walking into the building. The door facings have been painted black, which really gives them a totally different look. That project actually took all week. Who knew painting door facings was such a big job? I certainly didn’t. Also, the windows have been tinted and they look really great.

And then, when you walked in, you entered a whole new world. The entire foyer was decorated like we were all on vacation. It was so incredibly cool. From the banner to the t-shirts, the purser’s desk to the mural, it was all very tropical. SO cool! Oh, and the “Are You Ready?” bulletin board was something I got to help with. Fun!

For those who don’t know, we’re going to be going on a “Journey of Change” very soon. That’s what all the new decor was for today.

And then church started. 🙂

The music was just plain fun today. I’ll go into that a bit more in a minute. Bro. Keith’s message was about something very close to my heart….reaching the lost. He’s using the fishing theme, which really resonates with our congregation. After all, Louisiana isn’t called “Sportsman’s Paradise” for nothing. The whole message spoke directly to my heart today. He even gave us homework. He encouraged us to write a “thank you” letter to the person who led us to the Lord. Why didn’t I ever think to do that?! I am totally doing that this week.

Okay, now on to the confessional……

Here’s our set list:
Let it Rise
Sing a Song
Come Thou Fount
How He Loves
No One Like You

And here’s who we had this morning:
Bryant on electric guitar & vocals
Zack on bass guitar
Adam (woohoo!) on acoustic guitar
Josh on drums
Jennifer & Shalyian on vocals
Ensemble on vocals

How fantastic was it to see Adam on acoustic guitar this morning?! He is so super talented and of course did a fantastic job. Adam, thank you so much for joining us. You are welcome back any time!

Another creative element added to our service this morning was sign language interpretation. We did that for one song last week, but this week Amy interpreted the entire music service at 11:00. I am convinced that this is something our community is in desperate need of and am so glad that Amy is ministering this way. Thank you, Amy!

In the 9:30 service, there was a horrible popping noise coming from somebody’s cable. I was convinced it was my mic cord, so I grabbed hold the cord to make it stop. I spent the entire service holding that cord and trying to stay still (I normally move around a lot). It wasn’t mine. It was the bass guitar’s chord. We ended up with no bass for the rest of the 9:30 service. Disappointing, but okay. Immediately after the service, our amazing media team fixed the problem and we were good to go for 11:00. Good thing, since we really needed that bass.

The first song was totally rockin’ and the congregation was all smiles. “Sing a Song” was a new one we introduced this week. Our congregation really seemed to like it and got involved with it. One of my favorite parts was when we sang accapella and could hear the congregation singing with us. Loved that!

For “Come Thou Fount,” we did the Gateway version which has the added chorus. Very moving.

And then we did our other new song, “How He Loves.” Ummm….WOW! If you’ve never heard this song before, go to my VodPod in the menu bar over there ——> and click the link for it. Fantastic song! So I wasn’t sure how our congregation would respond to it, because not only is it new, but it’s also very different from anything we’ve ever done before. At first, I thought I had scared them when we first went into the powerful chorus. lol But when I sang “I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way….” that’s when I knew for sure that they were worshiping. That one line resonated so deep with the congregation. It was an awesome sight the way they responded.

For my worship leader friends who read this blog, here’s how we did “How He Loves.” We actually did it almost exactly the same as the original version with only two changes. We dropped the “sloppy wet kiss” for “Heaven meets earth like no words can express.” Thank you, Fred McKinnon , for that idea! We also ended the song with the pre-chorus. That made for a smoother transition.

Then we closed with “No One Like You.” This is a happy, exciting song that makes you want to jump out of your seat to praise Him. Our congregation always has big, happy smiles when they sing that song. I love it!

So that’s about it. Overall, we just rocked out and worshiped like crazy this morning!

I realize this was incredibly long post, so thanks for sticking around to read it all. 🙂


Worship Confessional May 17, 2008

I just got home from worship team practice. All I can say is….you better get ready! Tomorrow is going to be an incredible time of worship at HOW.

Fun news! We have a guest guitarist who is super talented…and a familiar face that y’all will be thrilled to see again. So y’all be sure to give him some love tomorrow.

All our musicians and vocalists really “brought it” to practice today. We were all looking at each other with big, stupid smiles because it’s sounds so good. And the set list is a ton of fun.

You know, I love being part of the creative process, building a set list that really creates an atmosphere for worship. A lot of prayer, time, effort & love went into the service this week (from all departments) and I am thrilled to begin seeing it all come together. So, as Bro. Keith says, you better “strap on your spiritual seatbelts” ’cause we’re going on a journey tomorrow! I can hardly wait to worship with all of you!


Worship Confessional & Oh WOW! May 11, 2008

So we’re y’all totally shocked when you walked into the church this morning?!  How cool was that?!  For those who don’t go to Heart of Worship, I should probably explain.

Last week, our main auditorium was very formal.  It was filled with soft colors and beautiful architecture. 

 The chair & boxes are props that Bro. Keith used in his message.  The man loves his props.  lol

 Very pretty.  That’s what everybody saw last Sunday. 

Today they walked into a completely different room.  It has been completely remodeled and is amazing.  Y’all be sure to check back later this week, because I’m going to share some pics of the new auditorium.

So first thing this morning, everybody got their socks knocked off by the sudden remodel.  And then church started.  lol

We opened with a Mother’s Day video.  It was our first video that we made ourselves at HOW and I was so glad to have a part in it.  So fun!  And for those who don’t already know, the kid marked “mischevious”…..that was my Jack.  🙂

Here’s our set list for this week…..

Come Now is the Time to Worship

Blessed Be Your Name

Nothing But the Blood (updated hymn)

Nothing But the Blood (modern version)

Sing to the King

In the 9:30 service, all the songs seemed to me like they were dragging.  I don’t know if we weren’t completely awake yet or not, but that’s what it sounded like to me.  But we fixed that for the 11:00 service and the songs really went well.  Raymond was out of town this week, so we didn’t have a keyboard player.  Bryant did a fantastic job of leading on guitar.  Thanks, Bryant!

One major new issue we faced this morning was a change of acoustics in the building.  The new remodel completely changed the sound.  It seems that the new backdrop is absorbing all the sound from the stage, so we’re having a hard time hearing up there.  It’s impossible to sing when you can’t hear anything, so that’s something we’re working very hard to fix this week.

Okay, y’all be sure and check back later this week since I’ll be posting pics of the new remodel.  Very cool!


Bella at Church

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Would y’all like to meet our newest family member?  This is Bella.

 She is a chiweenie.  1/2 chihuahua  1/2 weenie dog.

Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?!  She’s super sweet, rarely makes any racket and is very, very loving. 

So this morning, while I was on the stage singing, I saw my husband walk into the church….with the dog!  I was mortified!  He very casually stood in the back of the church holding Bella the whole time I was up there.  OMGosh!

After the music was done, I ran to the back of the church, pulled him out and asked him why on earth he thought bringing a dog to church was a good idea.  He said that Kyra (our 10yr old daughter) had told him that since Bella was brand new, I didn’t want her left at home alone.  So she said that we needed to bring her to church since that’s what Mama wanted.  And of course, since it’s Mother’s Day, Rodney didn’t want to disappoint me.  OMG!    He brought the dog back home. 


Worship Confessional April 28, 2008

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Yesterday was another fine day at Heart of Worship in Pineville, LA.  Once again, the church was packed, the music went great & Bro. Keith preached a message that went straight to the heart.  Here’s our set list….

My Redeemer (opener)

No One Like Our God

No Sweeter Name

Amazing Grace

My Redeemer Lives

It was great having Jennifer & Bryant back this week!  And the ensemble really blew me away.  They did some new things, vocally, that really stood out.  The media team worked with perfection…I love it when that happens.  Everyone really put out their best yesterday.  And I believe God really loves that.

We’re working hard to get everything ready for next week.  We’ll be doing a new song and you all know how I love that.  It’s gonna be great!


Worship Pre-Fessional April 25, 2008

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As usual, we had our LIFE Group before practice last night.  Gosh, it was a hard one for me.  We talked about how to love people that are difficult to love.  Considering the incident earlier this week, I was really hit hard by this lesson.  We focused on 1John 4:7-16.  I have some more thoughts on this that I’ll share later today. 

And now on to the pre-fessional…..

Of course I’m not going to tell you what songs we’re doing.  But I will tell you that I had a ton of fun at practice last night.  Most of us had a lot of energy and everyone was in a good mood.  That makes practice sooooo much easier. 

Both Jennifer and Bryant are back this week!  Woohoo!  The added vocals and guitar made an immediate impact.  Good to have you guys back!

We really got to work on vocals a good bit this week.  Raymond is ripping the keyboard up with some awesome work.  The media team really brought their A game this week.  Everything was right on target.  Every week should go so well.  🙂


Worship Confessional April 20, 2008

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This morning, I stood in the lobby for a long time watching the greeters.  These people are amazing.  I was really impressed by how good they are at what they do.  Honestly, I don’t think I could do it.  I mean, I love people and I love talking to people, but I still couldn’t do what they do.  I get so wrapped up in chatting with people and I would totally miss new people walking in the building.  These greeters didn’t miss a single person that walked in.  Seriously, the didn’t miss one.  They smiled genuine smiles the whole time, happily greeting every single person that walked in the building.  I was really impressed.  Good job, greeters!!!

I’m also excited about something that my husband did today.  He volunteered in Children’s Church!  I was hoping he would eventually do that.  He’s so good with kids and really loves hanging around with them.  After church, he told me that he got to pray with two kids this morning!  I’m so happy that he’s doing this.  I think he’s really going to enjoy it.

And now on to the confessional……

We had a really great morning, musically.  I can’t think of anything that went wrong.  Bryant, our guitar player, just got married yesterday so he wasn’t there.  We missed him, but other than that everything was great.  Here’s our set list…..

You Are Good

Friend of God

I Could Sing of Your Love

How Great is Our God

You Are Good (finale)

That’s really all there is to the confessional.  When everything goes well, there’s little to confess.  lol

But I will share one fun thing with you.  I was talking to Ryan (he’s on the finance team) about how our church has tripled in size since conception.  He corrected me.  We’ve actually grown 500%!!!!  Ryan, I think that’s the happiest correction I’ve ever received.  lol  And this Sunday, not only was our 11:00 service packed, but the 9:30 service was almost full too.  God is still shaking things up at HOW and I’m still in awe at how he’s using us!